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Israelis are finally understanding how they will win peace

The older generation teaches the kids traditional peacemaking skills

Just like a mirage, the more Israel has pursued peace over the years the further away peace has become. The more israelis beat their breasts singing their mea culpas, trying to 'understand the pain' of those who call themselves palestinian, the more hatred and calls for the genocide of Israel come out of the arab world. The highest religious muslim leaders, the Muftis of Lebanon,Saudi Arabia and of Jerusalem have all called in the past year for the extermination of jews.

Morsy's creed: Jews are “the descendants of apes and pigs, "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred" for Jews, Zionist and American enemies
 President Mohammad Morsy uttered 'amen' to a call to kill all jews in 2012, before his election called for Jihad (against Israel) and we now now that in 2010 as a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood himself called Egyptians to "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred" for Jews and Zionists, "bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs."
And of course the palestinian president Abbas endorsed this last week palestinian murderers of jews as 'martyrs' and of course the original palestinian terrorist and SS Bosnian muslim division founder the Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el Husseini.

As Israel perfected the art of sparing civilian lives even when islamist arabs site their missiles, bunkers and munitions amongst them, the calumnies grew about Israel targeting civilians. Of course the willing dupes in the West have all played their role, from the human rights organisations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to charities such as Christian Aid and Oxfam. Even the ICRC was not above kicking Israel even whilst it called a daily truce of 4 hours to allow humanitarian aid through its lines (even then the arabs tried to bomb the very convoys bringing them help). As Israel has supplied food, electricity and healthcare to Gazan arabs, Israel gets lambasted in western media such as the BBC for failing to do the very things it does.

The truth is that all this care for human rights and 'palestinians' is a cover for attacking jews via the Jewish State. If this was not the case, why the  difference in treatment of the present war in Mali being ignored? Why are civilian deaths in Mali receiving no mention from the BBC and that bastion of human rights, the Guardian. They don't give a fig about human rights other than as a weapon to attack Israel with. And of course Israel is the frontline of the West against islamic imperialism, against the reestablishment of the caliphate. Western media will never mention it, but establishing the caliphate is a central theme of islamists. Destroying Israel is an essential step in that direction, thus the importance of 'Palestine' to islamists who have no interest in the nation state.

Israelis believed the world would understand them and their difficultires were they only to be more humane than any other society, were to give arabs land for vague assurances of peace, and were to reduce civilian casualties more than in any other previous war. The IDF attached lawyers to every company of troops to okay decisions even in the heat of battle and to prevent operations every time civilians and human shields appear at a target. 

Israelis have been so deluded. The world has mocked Israel, mocked its humanity and instead reported only the lies of its enemies whilst ignoring all the good Israel does for its arab population and also its enemies. The BBC in this last conflict even promoted false pictures of syrian dead children as having been the result of Israeli air strikes. Such was the desperation to find victims that absent real ones, fake ones had to be found, not once but at least four times in my reckoning.

In times of 'peace' whilst missiles fly at Israel and terror attacks amount up to hundreds a month, and Israel is condemned for not transferring money to the Palestinian Authority. What a bizarre world. Which other country would transfer money to an enemy which tries its best to destroy it?

As I have been calling for a long time for an approach that protects Israelis rather than enemy human shields, so the article below sees Israelis as finally emerging out of their torpor, their delusion.  Israelis are finally understanding the middle east game. The survivor is not the nice guy, the one who can out kill the enemy, the one who can so bloody the enemy that he will not get up for another round.
If Israel believes that it can buy its way out of another war with Egypt by appeasing it, by allowing the Peace Treaty to be changed, it is very much mistaken. The only way a new war can be avoided is if Israel makes it clear that Egypt will pay a terrible price, that the Aswan dam will be turned to rubble. Israel must learn the laws of the middle east. Hezbollah has not messed with Israel since 2006 after Israel turned its Beirut neighbourhood and much of South Lebanon to rubble. Balance of terror is the only way that the armies of islam will be put off from their plans.

Israel must change its mindset, turn from appeasement to a determination to defend its interests, to make its enemies pay a stiff price for their aggression against Israel. Once Israel does that it will have peace.
Netanyahu does not seem yet to have understood this as the Pillar of Cloud operation only bought a little time. Hamas is already restocking its arsenals with newer and better missiles and weapons. But the Israeli population will demand that arabs who attack Israel pay the ultimate price. It's time for Israel to forget about supplying an enemy population with anything other than 'shock and awe' when Israel is attacked. As Kedar notes, it is only Israel that allows thousands of missiles to be fired at it. For Russia the first missile Georgia fired into South Ossettia in 2008 was enough to begin a conflagration. Georgians will never again set foot in South Ossettia or Abkhazia. 

Unlike the arabs, jews aren't bloodthirsty. We aspire to peace and brotherliness with all men, including our muslim cousins. We wish nobody harm, but throughout our history we have not known peace whilst we were weak. Israel must now bare its teeth so as to be allowed some peace. This next election will by all accounts see the nationalist parties take power. A powerful message will be sent to Israel's enemies that the game is changing. Let's hope they listen for all our sakes.

by Mordechai Kedar

The elections  are approaching in Israel, and polls are predicting what the Arab media calls, with great dread, "the meteoric rise of the radical right in Israel".
Why is the Arab world so concerned and what are they worried about?

The reasons for the concern .... stem from the cultural mindset of the region. An Israel that has a strong character and is confident of itself and the justice of its cause, might stop behaving like a dishrag, as it has done in the past, more than once, under the irresponsible leadership of the bleeding hearts who are the "Pursuers of Peace", and might adopt a pattern of behavior typical to the Middle East. More than a few Israeli politicians, some of them prime ministers, who sought "a solution now" have earned for Israel the image of "peace seekers", according to their point of view, but which the Middle East understood as "Obsequious beggars pleading for a little peace and quiet". In the Middle East only the vanquished, pleading for his life to be spared, begs for peace, and usually he will get a big, strong kick that will hurl him all the way down the stairs. Peace is the last thing you get when you beg for it.

In the embattled region where Israel is situated, the weak individual gets beaten up: he is shot at, missiles rain down upon him, his buses are blown up, he is de-legitimized, marginalized diplomatically, sued in international courts, states are established on his back that threaten him and declare their violent struggle against him again and again, and he - the weak one - must take all of this garbage that is rained down upon him and say, "It's only words". Sometimes he issues a warning but few take him seriously because he is weak and obsequious; he "seeks peace".

In contrast, only the strong and self-confident, he who can pose a threat, who does not restrain himself at all from utilizing full force, who will not surrender anything due to him, will have peace and tranquility. Everyone else will leave him be because they fear him, and this is the only peace that is recognized in the Middle East. Peace belongs to the one who responds with great power to the first missile that falls into his territory, even if it falls in an open area; who doesn't say on the radio, "no damage was caused", because the truth of the matter is that indeed great damage was caused to his sovereignty, and nothing is more important than his sovereignty.  Would a normal person accept someone shooting at his house, even if "no damage was caused"?

A Jewish Israel could be a magnet attracting Jews the world over to immigrate to Israel and to make Israel the center of their life, and thus it will be strengthened demographically, economically, socially and politically. This process might be encouraged by the antisemitism in Europe, which is rising as the Jews lose their influence and the public weight is transferred to groups of immigrants that don't become part of the society of old, sleepy Europe.

A Jewish Israel will  concentrate within it the educated Jews, the entrepreneurs, the inventors, the developers and the cutting-edge scientists who brought the Jewish people a prodigious number of Nobel prizes, and thus Israel will become a bastion of science, technology and development, innovation and entrepreneurship, while everything around it - chiefly in the past two years - becomes a quagmire of blood, fire and tears, pillars of smoke, destruction and devastation.

A sovereign and self-confident Jewish Israel will prove to its neighbors again that the Jews are not just another "protected people" ("ahl dhimmi" in their language) who must live according to rules determined by the imams, and must "pay the head tax in a humiliated condition" (Qur'an, Sura 9, Verse 29) according to the custom in the Arabian Peninsula of the seventh century CE. A Jewish Israel will cling with more determination to Jerusalem, the capital of the Jews since 3000 years ago, long before the sons of the desert broke into it and invented a history that supposedly grants them the rights to Jerusalem since the creation of the world.

A Jewish Israel will present a solid wall of defense against Islamic radicalization and tribalism in the Arab world, and will prove that only a people who clings to its identity and is faithful to its heritage can stand strong against the tidal wave of radicalization and violence that engulfs the Middle East, and this is exactly what frightens our neighbors: those who hoped that with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel would be paralyzed with fear and would flee from all of its assets. A Jewish state such as this will prove to those near and far that the Jews have returned to their historical and eternal homeland and will remain there forever and ever, and only this way will Israel win peace from her neighbors. It will not be a peace of hugs and kisses, because there is no such thing in the Middle East.

Within Islamic tradition, there is a way to give peace to infidels who are invincible; temporary peace that continues as long as the enemy is invincible. This is the peace that Israel can win from her neighbors, and it will continue forever, but only if Israel is invincible forever.

A more Jewish Israel will ensure peace among all of the citizens and will oblige her neighbors to leave her in peace, and this is the reason that her neighbors fear a more Jewish Israel.

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