Friday, 11 January 2013

Palestinian arabs 'play' in the snow

No prizes for guessing which picture was snapped in West Jerusalem where jews live, of a traditional snowman, and which snow sculptings are the efforts of palestinian arabs. There is a deep sickness in arab culture mirrored by western journalists who show a blind eye to the all pervading militarised arab culture, of hatred for the West, of genocidal intentions towards christians and jews.

The Waqf on the Temple Mount have no problem with this effigy of a missile

Israelis get on with their lives despite the genocide intended for them
An ostensibly “friendly” snowball fight in Samaria turned into an all out attack in Yitzhar early Thursday. Residents of the Kipah Sruga neighborhood of the town said that hundreds of Arabs took advantage of the snow to riot and attack them.

According to residents, some 200 Arabs came marching up the snow-covered hill from the village of Aurif, in the direction of Yitzhar. Security officials quickly assembled and attempted to ward off the Arab “invasion,” but the Arabs, smiling and laughing, shouted that they came in peace and were just interested in have a “friendly” snowball fight. “We are all friends, we want peace,” they shouted. “We just came to play in the snow.”
Palestinian arabs 'peace' sculpture -a russian tank

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