Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Obama finally reveals his attitude towards Israel, and indicates the rocky road ahead

Obama bows before the king of Saudi Arabia where slavery and abuse of women and children is official policy

Obama informed a journalist Jeffrey Goldberg that Israel is “a small state, already a pariah, and one that may not even survive unless it changes its behaviour.”
Now that Obama feels untouchable in his second term he has at long last come out with some of his true feelings towards Israel. I don't believe he will ever reveal more about the true depth of his hatred of Israel but we must be thankful that Obama has not managed to restrain himself before the Israeli elections in a week's time.

Until now Obama has been clever whilst undermining Israel. He has always expressed his support for Israel whilst having the 'jewish' anti-Israel organisation J Street established to undermine Israel's strong support amongst the american people.  Obama always used his minions to attack Israel, and took every opportunity to snub Netanyahu when he came to the USA. Indeed the attacks in the last administration came at times on an almost daily basis. Obama has undermined Israel's security like never before whilst throwing it a bone of extra aid for the 'Iron Dome' and 'security cooperation' (a two way street - Israel only recently used back channels to warn Syria off an attack on Jordan, and Israel's intelligence has been proved to be far superior to that of the USA with regards to Iran. The Israelis were incredulous when the National Intelligence Estimate 2007 stated that Iran had given up its nuclear weapons ambitions. The US which relies on electronic intelligence and the odd turned scientist was very badly misled, as evidenced by recent IAEA reports).

Obama takes the credit for the Iron Dome because it was part funded by the US. Iron Dome a magnificent israeli technological achievment was developed just in time to prevent hundreds or even thousands of israeli deaths when over a thousand islamist Hamas missiles hit Israel in November 2012 (Israel would have needed to develop it in any case without the aid).

But when the effect of Obama's policies are taken into account, of deposing Ghadaffi and thus destabilising the whole of North Africa right up to Sinai (Ghadaffi's anti-tank missiles and heavy guns have appeared in Gaza), handing Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood sworn to Israel's destruction (just this week we found out about Morsy's "apes and pigs" comments, added to his calls for Jihad before he was elected president).

And now the US is sending 200 more Abrams tanks and 20 more F16 planes to add to the 200 hundred Egypt already possesses. Hezbollah controlled Lebanon is receiving more arms Of course there was that $20 billions arms deal signed only last year with Saudi Arabia, and the intention to supply islamist Turkey at least 100 F35's  stealth fighters. Israel might be able to order 20 of them.

Obama makes a show of giving Israel some weapons, but knows that the tiny state of Israel is being in effect swamped by the massive arms transfers to arab states, and by the extreme insecurity now being created as a result of Obama's policies. This includes the hotting up of the Sinai border in the south with lethal attacks on the border road (now closed for a year at least because of the increasing risks to civilians) and missiles fired at Eilat, to the never ending attacks coming from arabs of Gaza and the 'palestinian' territories. The 70,000 missiles pointed at Israel from Lebanon and the ever present menace of Hezbollah, the instability on the border with Syria and the possibility that Jordan will also fall to the islamists in the coming year or two. Added to this is added to the threat from a soon to be nuclear armed Iran with the stated intention of destroying a country the size of Wales, smaller than the state of New Jersey.

Obama's remarks and policies from the very beginning of his first presidency have served to undermine Israel's standing in the middle east (Whilst missing out Israel on his visit to the middle east, Obama stopped off in Cairo to explain how Israel was founded because of the Holocaust. i.e. Jews have no history or right there, that europe just dumped its jews on the arabs, a propaganda point that arabs do not cease making, however incorrect.). Of course one's standing and security in the region is also determined by who your friends are.
Were Israel to lose its best friend and ally, arabs would feel that Israel's destruction as being brought that much closer, with reason. And Obama has worked hard to bring that point home to Israel.
It is possible to go on all day about how Obama has worked to undermine Israel's security. Clever he has been, expressing his full support for Israel's security whilst undermining it.

Indeed contrary to all evidence Obama assures Israel it will be secure if it withdraws from its ancient homelands in Judea and Samaria. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the experience of the withdrawal from Gaza, Lebanon and most of Judea and Samaria showed. Israelis live on just 4% of Judea and Samaria, but they live on the hilltops overlooking Tel-Aviv, Herzliya and Haifa. Arabs never valued the hills which are unproductive, but to destroy Israel it is essential to take the hills from Israel. Obama understands this as well as the arabs. And that is why he has re-interpreted UN resolution 242 to make Israel withdraw from even from the rump of its ancient lands.

Congress shows the american people's love for america's greatest ally Israel with repeated standing ovations for PM Netanyahu

Obama can take some painful actions against Israel, not least at the UN. But Netanyahu must stand firm about now building up Judea and Samaria in the face of continued violence against jews and the near daily genocidal comments and praise for terrorists with much jewish blood on their hands. Abbas the so-called 'moderate' has lately also come out with praise for those who killed. No surprise but he has also dropped the mask.

Netanyahu who although a great speaker and communicator has shown himself weak, has fully supported his defence minister Barak a convinced appeaser who set himself against the return of jewish life to Judea and Samaria and acted tirelessly to destroy outposts and even settlements.

The good news is that the Israeli public has had enough. Israelis want no more of empty promises of peace, and now realise that in the middle east peace comes through the barrel of a gun, not through giving away territory and begging for peace. The coming elections will reinforce the nationalists and send a message to the world that Israel will not commit suicide by handing any more essential strategic territory to enemies whose appetite is never sated.

So we should thank Obama for finally informing us of his feelings towards 'pariah' Israel. Some of us realised what this man was about when he chose Cairo to attack Israel from, if not sooner. Israel will now take Obama's exhortations to heart and indeed change its behaviour, although maybe not in the way the author of the remarks intended.

Israel's future is looking more assured now its people is becoming more united. Europe is a dying continent that has lost its will to survive. The people of the USA are different. Americans have an inherent understanding of their place in history and they identify with Israel as being part of that history. American feelings for Israel are reflected in Congress' lengthy standing ovations to Netanyahu even whilst Obama was lambasting it and trying to impose a new concept of 1967 'borders' (i.e. the 1949 armistice lines) on Israel. Obama lost that battle (thank you Canada) as he lost the battle to throttle the continued building jewish life in a tiny part of Judea and Samaria (arabs control the overwhelming mass of the area contrary to the propaganda).

A united political front in Israel will after the election resist Obama and other enemies of the Jewish People. With so many other problems in the world, an Obama chastened by previous encounters with Netanyahu will most likely not be able to cause too much damage to Israel.

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