Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jerusalem Post website edited by an anti-zionist?

A franciscan monk with NIF anti-Israel stooges (complete with orthodox jew yarmulka disguise) - birds of a feather
In October 2012 I wrote an article about how the Jerusalem Post has gained a record for planting arab propaganda posing as news. 

One article had anti-Israel NIF (New Israel Fund) stooges apologising on the behalf of jews and Israelis for an arson attack on a monastery that was very likely the work of an arab or even one of the monks. themselves ( The example of the Tuba-Zangriya libel gives credence to this hypothesis as did the fact that the monastery is far off the road. A nightime arrival of visitors would mean discovery and arrest when the vehicle got back to the highway).

I now read( on the excellent Myrightword blog) that the editor of the Jerusalem Post website is moving jobs to an anti-zionist propaganda website. 
The Jerusalem Post has indeed been badly served. It remains to be seen whether there will be any improvement in the often anti-Israel tenor of reports. 
The first improvement would be to edit any articles emanating from Reuters rather than posting them whole as usually done until now. 
Reuters is every bit as bad as the BBC or the infamous Guardian newspaper, as the Roosevelt University study shows. From photoshopping pictures to 'last first' stories which headline Israel's response rather than the initial terrorist attack means that a report by Reuters is assured of being slanted against Israel. 
From Israel bias to planted stories about supposed Saudi improvements in the rights of women, Reuters is an untrustworthy organisation. The same old stories crop up each year without any real improvement in the lives of saudi women. 
Reuters-Thompson has important financial links with Saudi Arabia. Any good investigative journalists out there? Reuters is worth a bit of study.

+972 Announcement

Dear Readers,Noa Yachot, who has been our managing editor for the last year and a half, is leaving her position at +972 Magazine and going to work for the American Civil Liberties Union. During her time with us, Noa helped bring the site to a new level of professionalism, introduce new fields of coverage, increase the site’s readership and launch new projects. We all thank her for her dedicated work and her commitment to the site. Noa will remain part of the +972 collective.Noa will be replaced by editor and blogger Mike Omer-Man, who previously worked as the editor of the Jerusalem Post’s website.

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