Saturday, 5 January 2013

Radical arabs learn late in the day on which side bread is buttered

"Help! My syrian jihadist friends burned my passport,,,,,,, no way back to Israel!"
Two israeli arabs decided to go and wage a little jihad in Syria and found that their new friends are not the gentlemen jihadis they were led to believe they were. Horror of horrors their new friends burned their passports so now they can't get back to the zionist entity, its rule of law, its social security and nice comfortable way of life.  Unsurprisingly the Israeli foreign office has not had much joy from the Turks who they called upon to assist in returning the bloodthirsty idiots back to their homes.

 An Israeli Arab, who joined the rebel forces in Syria, said that they burned our way and said that he could not return to his familyHassan Shaalan 

An Israeli Arab who crossed the border from Turkey to Syria and joined the opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad announced to his family that he was having difficulties to return to Israel because the rebels burned his passport. He said they told him that "every person who joins them will not return to his family."
Young's relative told Ynet: "A month ago my relative called and told me that he and his friend were happy. They told us the rebels gave them food and a place to sleep and taught them how to fight against members of Assad." But then in another conversation according to a close relative the tone changed. "He called back and said he was very afraid, and the two are in danger of life and they can not cope with the situation."

One of the young Israelis admitted he was wrong when he entered Syria. He said that "the rebels burned our passports and clothes" he said.

Close family said they wanted to help , but "we can not do anything. We are worried about them and we are afraid they will be hurt. "

The Foreign Ministry said that "we made contact with the parties in Turkey to reach the two missing citizens who allegedly penetrated into Syria, and still no result."

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