Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The game has changed, islamic terrorists attacking Israel are paying the price

Gazan Islamic terrorist killed on his motorcycle in Israeli airstrike
This new Netanyahu administration and its defence minister Moshe Yaalon have shown that the game has now changed, from one of appeasing terrorists to exacting a price.

Hitam al-Mahsal a salafist who was responsible for the latest rocket attacks on Eilat was this morning helped into his islamic paradise stuffed with young and beautiful virgins by the israeli air force.

This along with Israel's policy of responding every time it is attacked from Syria will help to keep the peace.

Arabs respect a strong policy of retaliation, even if they don't understand Israel's basic humanity of restraint, of not simply clearing Gaza southwards.

Arabs commit ethnic cleansing constantly of those who are no threat, but who are different, such as the christians of Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Libya. Previously in the 1950's all the jews were ethnically cleansed from arab lands.

That Israel has never done this is seen as a terrible weakness, but Israel's humanity brings benefits in other ways, of an open tolerant society which many arab citizens do respect and are happy to live in.

Having an understood policy of retaliation is the next safest thing to having an area cleared of a hostile population.

So cudos to the new administration in Israel. Finally it seems to understand that the only peace with arabs comes through the barrel of a gun, and the willingness to use it.

It would be nice if Obama understood this, but he doesn't. After drawing a red line to the Syrians against using chemical weapons, he's now let it be known that this was merely a 'political' red line. This might delude him but it won't convince the West's enemies in the region.

Unlike Israel, the US coin is depreciating fast. How sad, at a time when a strong America is needed for world peace, most notably in the middle-east but also in asia with a resurgent and aggressive China.

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