Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All LPJ Catholic articles can be tweaked to attack Israel

 I've come accross this article from last year in the German section of the Latin Patriarchate Journal website which is about getting each diocese to sponsor building a home for a palestinian arab family. If german christians are up to another massive infusion of wealth for their coreligionists in east Jerusalem, then that's fine by me, even if its strange that there is no call to do this for any other christian community in the middle east. Indeed, one might think that christian money might be better spent on all those refugees in Syria and Lebanon, and those thrown out of Iraq in the last ten years. Not to mention the copts who unlike christians under Israeli rule, are having their churches damaged and knocked down all the time.
Als Minderheit zwischen den jüdischen und muslimischen Gemeinschaften, die viel zahlreicher sind, sehen sich die palästinensischen Christen mit den allgemeinen Schwierigkeiten der Bevölkerung konfrontiert – der Besatzung, der Kolonisation, der Einschränkung ihrer Bewegungsfreiheit – und der religiösen Intoleranz.
Laut katholischen Statistiken, leben von insgesamt 450.000 Einwohnern 10.000 Christen jeder Konfession in Ost-Jerusalem und ca. 50.000 in den besetzten palästinensischen Gebieten.
Im Rahmen des Besorgnis erregenden Exodus der Christen des Ostens emigrieren jedes Jahr etwa 600 davon aus Jerusalem, dem Westjordanland und dem Gaza-Streifen.
As a minority between the Jewish and Muslim communities, which are much more numerous, the Palestinian Christians are faced with the difficulties of the general population - the occupation, colonization, limiting their freedom of movement - and religious intolerance.

     According to Catholic statistics, out of a total of 450,000 people are 10,000 Christians of all confessions in East Jerusalem and 50,000 in the occupied Palestinian territories.

     As part of the alarming exodus of Christians of the East about 600 of them
emigrate each year from Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
The above laments that christians are a minority between jewish and muslim communities whilst identifying with the arabs in the Arab-Israel conflict. And there lies the answer to why the Catholic Church in Israel, is begging money to build arab settlements. It is just doing its bit in the conflict against Israel.

It is interesting how "- and religious intolerance" is tacked on at the end, after all the bits linked to the evil actions of jews to the poor palestinian arab victims. The LPJ knows full well that it isn't Israel which promotes religious intolerance, which is why it is slipped in at the end, leaving the impression that it is indeed the Jews who are oppressing christians, when the opposite is the case. "

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