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Morsy's thinly veiled calls for war with Israel are ignored whilst Egypt builds up its forces in the Sinai

During the November 2012 operation by Israel to stop Hamas and Islamic Jihad's steady drip drip of missiles fired at israeli towns and cities, Egypt's president gave an as yet uncommented speech by commentators at a mosque. It is a pity this speech has not been noticed as it helps in forming a picture of just who Israel and the West is dealing with. For good measure I also include some of Morsy's previous statements, and wonder how a man who describes Americans as his enemies can continue to take their money, or indeed be given it? Obama doesn't let a little thing like hatred for the USA prevent him throwing good money after bad. America can not have more resolute enemies than the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaidah, yet they are now being actively supported in Syria by the USA.

"Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those zionists and jews and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred, The hatred must continue"
The long rant shows that the man who called for muslims to nurse their children and grandchildren on hatred for jews, who described jews as 'apes and pigs' and who called for jihad before becoming president is the same man who later answered 'amen' to a mosque preacher's call to destroy the jews, and that Morsy is not just prepared to leave that destruction to Allah's will, but to take an active hand in it at a time of his choosing.

In Morsy's speech he barely disguises his threats to break the peace treaty with Israel, to wage war and take Jerusalem. This is not a new theme but a constant of himself and of the Muslim Brotherhood which he led.

Only a month before his election as president Morsy called for Jihad. Without actually naming Israel it was obvious which country he was referring to.

During Morsy's speech full of dire threats to Israel, he does not once rebuke Hamas for the 12,000 missiles fired indiscriminately and without provocation at Israel's border towns and cities over a ten year period, not one word calling for restraint by Gaza terrorists.

All Morsy had for his mosque audience were condemnations and threats against Israel, warning it that Gaza is not alone, not even mentioning the word 'Israel' but referring to it only as the 'occupation', a euphemism for Israel used by Hamas in Gaza, an appelation which denies legitimacy to Israel, which aspires to rub out what is seen as a never ending aggression against political islam, the fact of the Jewish State in Israel. This is no surprise as Hamas is an offshoot of Morsy's own Muslim Brotherhood.

Just in case Morsy would claim he was referring to an occupation of Gaza, that territory is not 'occupied', there not being one Israeli soldier in any part of it, and Gaza shares a border with Egypt not controlled by Israel but by egyptian forces. For Morsy as with Hamas all of Israel is occupied muslim waqf,  territory to be 'liberated' when the opportunity arises. Unhappily for Morsy Egypt is going through an economic disaster at the moment, and arab oil countires are not looking to finance a new war with Israel whilst they live in fear of an Iranian take over of the middle east, a threat to the positions and lives of the oil sheikhs.

Despite this and previous verbal threats by Morsy against Israel, Israel continues to allow egyptian forces to bring heavy armour into the Sinai peninsula, ostensibly to defeat the beduin linked to al qaida. The tanks are useless in the sort of guerilla warfare the beduin practise. But Morsy does not intend them to be used for that purpose, but to be pre positioned for the war he wishes to wage against Israel.

As usual Israel's generals swallow the 'takiya' hook line and sinker (takiya is Quran sanctioned lying to your enemy in order to deceive him. Straight talking israeli generals who wish the Sinai rid of terrorists who fire missiles at Israel don't understand that they are being fed a line by Morsy)

This speech whereby Morsy fails to distinguish Israel's campaign against the terror emanating from Gaza and an attack on Egypt shows not only that Morsy feels personally attacked by Israel, but that Morsy is looking forwards to a time when Israel is destroyed.

Israel gave Egypt the Sina in 1982 in exchange for peace. But Morsy shows that the peace is wafer thin, only on paper, and to be broken when his country feels itself strong again.

To those who say that the Peace Treaty kept the peace with Israel for thirty years, I say they are wrong. Israel had peace up to now because Egypt remembered the thrashing Israel gave it in 1973, when the egyptian 2nd and 3rd armies were at Arik Sharon's mercy, waiting for the coup de grace. They got food and water instead.
And because Israel spared their lives, they could emerge claiming victory. In Egypt the Yom Kippur War is claimed to have been a victory stolen by america, which save Israel from egyptian wrath. Had Israel destroyed those armies utterly, then the memory of a terrible defeat would have been undeniable, and Morsy would be a little more reticent about preparing his people now for war.
Just as Germany did not learn its lesson in World War I because of allied mercy, because the German Army was left intact, similarly with Egypt. Only in WWII when Germany was devastated, its armies shattered could germans learn the lessons of aggressive war, that it can come back to bite, and that maybe peace is a good option for everyone.
Israel is being shielded now by the sunni-shia conflagration coupled with Egypt's dire financial situation:
Two days prior, the Central Bank of Egypt issued a Bond Sale that got cancelled because no one bought anything, thanks to the new credit rating for the country that has put it in the same economic league as Greece. That same day, Pakistani President Ali Asif announced that his Party will not allow the implementation of the “Egyptian model” in Pakistan. And yesterday, the Egyptian pound plummeted against the dollar, reaching its lowest official level in Egyptian history, with people not being able to find dollars in exchange offices to replace soon to be worthless Egyptian pounds.

But we are the bankrupt ones.

Egypt is about to face an economic nuclear winter, a crisis the levels of which are unprecedented and for which the current government is completely and totally unprepared for. Interestingly enough, this is happening just as the Sharia Constitution has gloriously passed, and Islam has finally strengthened its foothold in the land of the Pharaoh –worshipping infidels. God will surely send manna from heaven at any minute now, given that this depraved atheist country has finally seen the light and the way. After all, our President is a praying President, and one day this country will see the glorious economic stability and advancement of similar non-oil-wealthy Islamic states like Afghanistan, Somalia and Sudan. Praise Allah and hide your dollars.

Israel should nevertheless take note what Egypt's intentions under Morsy are for it.

It would be nice to think that the USA is likewise deceived by arab takkiya, but Obama is a man with a pro islamist agenda. Obama has surrounded himself with anti-Israel advisers at the very highest echelons, Kerry, Hagel, Rice and now Powers. Kerry has made five trips to Israel to push a non-existant peace process forwards, determined to divest tiny Israel of the small bit of security that Judea and Samria affords Israel. In return for giving up its ancestral territory, lands essential for its survival, Israel will be given some new weaponry that will be out of date in a few years, and in any case counterbalanced by weapons transfers to arab countries.

The USA has only this year, after this fiery speech threatening Israel given Egypt a massive arms package including 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F16's not to mention the half a billion dollars in financial emergency aid.
With Obama's $60 billions in sales to Saudi Arabia last year, and billions of dollars in further arms sales to gulf countries this year, in addition to his now arming the sunni islamist rebels in syria, Obama is not only building an armed front against Iran, but against Israel. It is hard not to escape the thought that Obama wishes to speed the end of the Syrian Civil War, in  order that the next war against Israel can be waged by the sunni muslim brotherhood/ al qaidah coalition he is building, funding, traingin and arming. He won't be successful, at least not in the near term as I have explained before now, for each action by Obama, there will be an equal and opposite reaction by Assad's backers, Iran and Russia.

In the USA Israel's enemies such as Walt and Mearsheimer often point to the $3 billions granted to Israel in security aid, without noting that Israel spends most of that money in the USA, that in exchange invaluable Israeli know how is  used to upgrade USA weaponry for free.

 In any case the aid is the least that the USA can do after having constantly eroded Israel's security over the years by forcing it to allow its arab enemies to retire in good order during wars. In 1973 Israel was forced by Nixon to even feed two egyptian armies after Syria and Egypt's surprise attack that almost destroyed Israel.
If the USA would not send its top of the range armaments to Israel's enemies, Israel would not need the aid that the americans give it. Constantly increasing the firepower of unstable arab regimes means constantly eroding Israel's security with a consequent need to update its weapons systems.
USA policy such as the overthrowing of the Egyptian and Libyan regimes has also worked to undermine Israel's security and increase its security costs. The Libyan fiasco had as a byproduct that terrorists have had free access to Ghadafi's arsenal, his weapons being used to fire at Eilat from the Sinai desert ( There is also the little matter of the destabilised regimes in north africa).

Luckily for Israel, its enemies whether in the White House, in Egypt or Syria can not accurately predict the results of their actions. The Arab Winter that Obama so deliberately promoted has actually had some very beneficial side effects for Israel's security, not least the bringing of a realisation amongst Israelis that the near disaster of offering Assad the Golan Heights was only averted by Assad's intransigence, ditto the attempted giving away of Judea and Samaria and Old Jerusalem to palestinian arabs by Olmert.

Israel is waking up to the arab designs on its land, not in the cause of peace, but in an attempt to destroy Israel. The arabs have shot their bolt. Israelis have woken up to the great peace con trick (albeit with exceptions of exceedingly gullible ex generals like Dagan or Barak).

The crowd was reacted with violent emotions to this speech by Morsy, shouting that in blood and their souls they would liberate 'Palestine'.


We have warned them before and we warn them time after time 00:27

We'll not leave Gaza alone, that Egypt today is totally different that what was before 01:00

Arabs today are totally different 1:21

Mob chanting of with their blood and their souls they will liberate 'Palestine'

Muslims today are not the same as years ago 1:49

We're telling the occupation you will not get any peace by assalting the others.

You will not be able to conquer people 3:58
And you will not be able to kill a nation 4:03

You were never able to establish a real peace in the region because of your aggression 4:07
Read the lessons of history....... that you have had no success, and will not 4:29

We assure everyone that Egypt does not want war with anyone 4:50
We're inviting the region to peace, a real one,
Not for one side, or one nation 5:01

A fake peace is a waste of time, and it is unnacceptable in any case 5:10
Their trying to show the world fake evidence , to earn more time (Ooops:-i'm not sure what he is alluding to but much faked evidence came out of Gaza such as a BBC journalist Donnison forwarding pictures of children killed and injured in Syria as having happened in Gaza, of fake injuries of a man who then got up an walked very nicely a few minutes later, and of the death of a child from a Hamas Qassam missile, but attributed to an israeli airstrike)


We'll not lose any chances......
Everyone should know Egypt's capabilities, will and revolution 6:00
Just as it took down a corrupted regime, it has the ability to take down the (Israeli) aggressor
Loud chants of Allahu Akbar from the mob

Egypt's leaders are also angry 6:31
I speak to the aggressors when I say learn from history 6:56
Stop this bloodshed now or you will not be able to stop our anger 7:04
The anger of a people and their leadership 7:21
All of our souls are looking forward to Jerusalem 06:43 (The egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi who launched MB Candidate Muhammad Mursi's Campaign: Mursi said he would 'Restore the "United States of the Arabs" with Jerusalem as Its Capital i.e. establish a new egyptian Caliphate and destroy Israel)

More loud chants of Allahu Akbar from the mob who have no doubt that Morsy is about making war with Israel

I speak to the aggressors when I say learn the lessons of history
Stop this blood shed now or you will not be able to block our anger
Morsy is here not speaking of learning recent history, but of when the muslim prophet Muhammad massacred jewish cities including the jews of Khaybar for not converting to islam, for having the temerity to resist Muhammad and fight against him. Morsy's audience again knows full well the genocidal references being made, as they are made often in the mosques and madrassas. The evils of jews (and christians, although they are considered as a lesser evil, not that it helps them much from attack in Pakistan, Egypt, Syria,Iraq, Indonesia and elsewhere) as recounted in the Qur'an are stressed frequently by islamic preachers throughout the world.

Egyptians were always peaceful, and in their whole history never invaded surrounding lands 07:24

(Oops: this is laughable- On 15th May 1948 Egypt invaded Israel along with 5 arab armies in an attempt to destroy the newly founded state, the egyptian pharaohs were always fighting abroad for their empire, and the Mamluk egyptians in the 14th century had an empire in north africa and the middle east)

You'll never have control either on us or Gaza
Morsy takes Israel's campaign in Gaza personally, as an attack on himself, on Egypt. This supports the argument that palestinian identity is fake, an nationalism only promoted when speaking to foreign journalists and diplomats. Gaza was ruled by Egypt from 1948-1967, and for the Muslim Brotherhood Gaza is still seen as a muslim, an outpost of the umma, if ruled at one remove by Hamas.

No one had the ability to occupy us forever 7:35

Egyptians were always capable of blocking any assault
We're here in Egypt standing in solidarity with OUR people in Gaza 7:50

We will also keep on supporting the people of Palestine and their case 9:27

We will support palestinian decisions whenever they decide it 9:32

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