Thursday, 6 June 2013

Time for Jerusalem's flat footed cops to find the daubings culprits

This affair has gone on long enough, with racist daubings, supposedly the work of jews, targeting christian institutions around Jerusalem. This latest offering on the LPJ website is interesting.

 offensive words compared Christians to monkeys-dormition-abbey-major-orthographic-mistake.jpg
 JERUSALEM - Graffiti and anti-Christian insults in Hebrew were sprayed on a wall of the Dormition Abbey during the night of May 30.  Two cars were also smeared with offensive words and all tires were slashed......
The offensive words compared Christians to monkeys and called for revenge against Jesus. This incident is the latest in a succession of desecration of Christian monasteries in September and October last year.

As i've reported before, there are serious doubts as to whether any or all of these daubings are the work of jews. I believe some if not all are the work of arab agents provocateurs, or even a hebrew speaking christian cleric. The daubings often contain orthographic mistakes indicating that the author is writing hebrew as a second language.

The above daubing on the Dormition Abbey comparing christians to monkeys written in hebrew contains indications that it was written not only by a non-native hebrew speaker, but by an arab speaker.

From right to left the letters are n,o,? (supposed to be 'ts' but looks more like 's'), r, y, final m

Most noticably, in arabic there is no 'ts' sound, and this is missing from the daubing. Instead of 'Notsrim', 'Nosrim' is written.

If an 's', there should be no squiggle below the letter.

The extra squiggle below the 's' is strange, as if the writer felt there was some problem he could not fathom whilst writing it, possibly a reflection of having work corrected in school, and thus inventing his own hybrid of the two letters 's' and 'ts' to compensate, in the absence of being able to comprehend, hear or master the difference.

If you can't hear the difference between similar letters, if that sound does not exist in your language as with 'p' and 'b', it will be difficult for you as an arab to write the correct spelling.

Although fluent in hebrew, not being myself a native Israeli, I put this inscription to a native Israeli speaker for comment. The reply was that it was very improbable that an israeli wrote the sentence. In addition to the problematic 's', The final 'mem' was cited as not being something an israeli would write in that way.

But an arab would, and this final 'mem' is cursive as in arabic. The first letter 'nun' also has an arabic cursive feel to it, quite different to hebrew.

Whatever the truth, the racist grafitti against arabs and christians can not but cause serious harm to Israel's reputation as a country which sets high store by inter-communal harmony. And that's obviously why the unknown writer is mounting this campaign.

It has taken Israel 13 years to lay the ghost of the Al-Durahpallywood hoax, hopefully it will not take that long before the political echelons prod the Jerusalem police force into action. These incidents although most likely classed as petty vandalism and given a low priority, should be moved up the scale of priorities.

It is encouraging that, after my having exposed the hostile reportings of the Latin Patriarchate website with regard to Israel, with their latest report they do not jump to conclusions as to identifying as jewish or israeli those carrying out these attacks. It would be nice to think that this reveals a change of heart rather than simply reflecting being caught out before adn simply a change of strategy, of relying on the readers assumption of the language used, hebrew, identifying the perpetrator as jewish.

Is it too much to hope for that Pope Francis, a man who seems to be a genuine friend of the Jewish People can influence his clerics to abandon their age long hatreds? Time will tell, keeping in mind that a string of previous good popes, well intentioned men who were likewise friends of the Jewish People, failed to staunch the outpourings of hatred towards Israel by church clerics.

The agreement which has just been signed between the Vatican mentions nothing about ceasing the officially sponsored attacks on Israel emanating from Rome. That is a pity. Yet again Israel gives major concessions to those who see themselves as adversaries of jews and the Jewish State without receiving a quid pro quo.

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