Saturday, 1 June 2013

'Asian' gangs grooming young girls for sex (don't mention they are Pakistani muslims)

As with the USSR the average British citizen is having to learn to read between the lines of the official reports. This is seen with a number of reports of 'asian' gangs having groomed young girls and then pimped them to friends and clients. Hindus and Sikhs have known to be upset at the BBC and other news media calling these people 'asians' when as far as is known, they are always muslim, and from Pakistan. There is maybe in part a laudable wish not to stereotype all muslims, but then if some amongst the muslim community are the sole perpetrators of this type of crime, then it points to an issue that must be addressed, not swept under the carpet. Just widening the pool of perpetrators of this crime from 'Pakistani muslims' to 'asians', is not to protect pakistanis or muslims, but unfairly taint the wider asian community in Britain. Whether we like it or not, there is a big problem with women in islam, and islamic communities.

And then there are the victims, left unprotected by authorities afraid to lay themselves open to charges of 'racism':
A VICTIM of the Oxford sex grooming gang that was allowed to operate with virtual impunity for years has told how she begged social services for help after being drugged, threatened and enslaved.

Western countries effectively tolerate barbaric islamic practices under shariah law such as beatings and perverse sexuality against muslim women and underage girls. FGM, honor killings and pedophilia happen in most european countries. Britain for example has never prosecuted anyone for carrying out FGM in Britain or abroad. Pakistani women are known to have disappeared without trace, their families 'clamming up' about the honor crime victims. Any attentions from the outside are frustrated and the police if at all possible will leave well alone.

When British politician Jack Straw tried to address pakistani muslims grooming of girls he received a mountain of opprobrium, although one muslim leader was brave enough to agree the problem exists.
He said that the scandal, exposed by the trial of nine Asian men jailed for grooming and sexual abuse of white girls in Rochdale, raised a problem which had to be “faced and addressed” within some communities in northern cities.
 Another lawyer disclosed that he is preparing a case involving alleged abuse of one girl in seven separate cities stretching across the North West of England but also as far away as Wolverhampton.
 The alleged abuse follows a similar pattern: involving grooming rings dominated by men from Pakistani backgrounds, who are often taxi drivers, picking up girls and taking them to flats for sex with several men.
 Mr Straw, whose Blackburn and Darwen constituency in Lancashire has a large Asian population, has angered some sections of the Muslim community in the past by calling for women to remove veils which cover their faces.
 Last year he also warned that white girls are sometimes treated as “easy meat” for some young Asian men who are “fizzing and popping with testosterone” but had no “outlet” within their own community.
 Speaking after the publication of the report yesterday, he dismissed claims that the problems uncovered by the Rochdale report affected all communities.
 “There is an issue of ethnicity here which can’t be ignored,” he told BBC Radio 4.
 “But it is also correct that in terms of group grooming there is an ethnic dimension which typically is of Asian men on white girls.
 “These are small communities so people will have a rough idea that people are abusing white girls in this way.
 “That has to be dealt with there as well as obviously with much more effective police and social services action.”
 Mohammed Shafiq, the Muslim commentator and chief executive of the Rochdale-based Ramadhan Foundation,.........“I think that an element of what he said is right – there are some people in my community, the Pakistani community, the elders, who think that the best thing to do is just ignore it and assume it all a BNP and EDL conspiracy.
 A spokesman for the Network of Sikh Organisations added that it was not accurate to describe the grooming rings as an “Asian” problem.

 “It is something tat the leaders of the Muslim community, the Pakistani community, need to address,” he said.

Another factor contributing to the Muslim rape wave is the fact that Muhammed, if he ever lived, allowed Muslims to take infidel women as their sex slaves. Using female prisoners of war for sexual gratification dates 1,400 years back to their prophet, who had a large number of sex slaves and advised his male followers to imitate his example.

While a Muslim husband can divorce at any time by repeating the word "talaq" three times, a married Muslim woman is her husband's de facto slave, since she can not divorce unless a Sharia council approves her wish and sets her free. If she leaves without being allowed, her risk of getting killed is as high as the killer's chance of remaining unpunished for fulfilling his culture's and God's expectations on how to treat women who leave a marriage without being allowed to.

A psychologically unhealthy religion

One does not have to be a psychologist to know what such a culture does to men's view of women. No grown-up man would ever consider having sex with minors, and certainly not against her will, drugged, beaten and threatened with death.

But what we are talking about here are not normal men, but males who since birth have been raised to think that women are inferior and that females who do not protect their honor by covering up are prostitutes and fair game. No man should ever wish to be subjected to such unhealthy cultural influence.

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