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What is better for antisemites than to find a jew who seems to confirm the prejudice?

Jews seem to be always in the spotlight, usually for the wrong reasons. This is not because jews are any worse than other people, but because they are selected out whenever the opportunity arises. As jews are difficult to spot in the British population, and open racism against jews is in any case outlawed in the UK, antisemites will try to satisfy themeselves with attacking Israel, with its being held up to impossibly high standards.

When Israel's army is forced to go to war every arab civilian casualty suddenly becomes a war crime, despite Israel's enemies hiding behind their civilian population, despite Israel trying its utmost to avoid civilian causalties, and succeeding bettter than any other western army. We won't mention non european armies such as the russian army, because as we saw in 2008, civilians don't come into consideration (unless to be ethnically cleansed or murdered by South Ossettian irregular militias tagging on behind them).

Something which I find interesting is that jews rarely become known for the benefits they have brought to mankind.

Don't mention FritzHaber was jewish
As a student I learned about the Fritz Haber process, but only when reading Chaim Weizmann's autobiography later did I learn that Fritz was a jew, one that suddenly found himself described as 'subhuman' by the nazis. Stripped of his laboratories, of his wealth, of his 'fatherland' he had given his life for, he died soon after, a broken man. You still won't find any of this in the wiki or elsewhere for that matter, despite the fact that this jew's work is still of immense importance:
Fertilizer generated from ammonia produced by the Haber process is estimated to be responsible for sustaining one-third of the Earth's population.[6]

 But when a jew fails in his moral obligations to society, that is a cause for anti-semites to celebrate. This particular jew provides all the 'proof' necessary of the mendacious character of jews in general. Of course the reporter from the Liverpool Echo who posted the above photograph will deny any ulterior motive for posting a photo of Mr Harris Polak (convicted today of charity fraud) that is approximately 30 years old.

Nevertheless I can't avoid feeling that the reason for selecting this particular photgraph over any other is because Mr Polak is wearing a large yamulkah or capel worn by jewish people when at prayer. What better way to inform your readership that a jew is accused of one of the hoary myths of lore, that of his being sly, cunning and cheating, out to deceive the charitable and unsuspecting gentile?

What better way to perpetuate the myths without being yourself accused of antisemitism? How better to associate the heinous crime and the jew, without spelling out his religion? The intrepid Echo reporter can claim to be acting within the bounds of modern politically correct decency, whilst making certain through his picture that the evil jew is noticed. And let's face it, what Mr Polak did is evil, collecting for a cancer charity whilst pocketing the money to buy himself and his wife a fabulous house.

Whilst the wider gentile society in Liverpool, Britain will be rightly outraged at Mr Polak's deceitful use of charities to fund his lifestyle, the local jewish community is no less so. The community is comprised overwhelmingly of law abiding citizens and has itself previously suffered from Mr Polak's criminal endeavours. It might be difficult for someone not initiated in the laws of keeping kosher, but Mr Polak's offense against his own community of secretly supplying them non kosher meat whilst a licensed kosher butcher caused people in his community great upset, and the expense of replacing dishes that are not allowed to come into contact with meat considered unfit. The crime of fraud, of deception was in the same league as to his community as his latest deception. Jews are however a forgiving lot, especially as Mr Polak was believed to be suffering from a gambling habit. So Polak was indeed forgiven.

We see that Polak's criminality has been non discrimnatory. Profiting from the naivity of his victims, jewish or otherwise is the only common thread in Mr Polak's criminality.

I am informed that the Liverpool Jewish Community is deeply upset at this man and his wife's new act of criminality. The lessons from the mercy shown him by his community after his previous criminality were not learned, and now Mr Polak will find the judge's mercy tempered by a wish to deter others from a similar course.

A prominent Jewish businessman has admitted swindling almost #250,000 of cancer charity cash.......

Maybe the reporter who covered the trial, Chris Bradley was unaware of the helpful photograph of Polak as Jew published in the Liverpool Echo, because he saw fit to stress the religion of Mr Polak in the first line of his article, and stress that Mr Polack was a "prominent Jewish businessman", living on "millionaires row", a term I am informed is unknown to locals. It was of course necessary for Mr Bradley stress Polak's religion as from the photo of the couple taken alone, it would not be possible to identify Polak and wife as jewish.

For the Liverpool jewish community Polak was for many years little more than a tolerated outcast, an embarrassment even before his latest escapade. Mr Polak was only 'prominent' in Mr Bradley's imagination.

Maybe Chris Bradley always mentions the religion of those he reports about in the first line of his articles? After a short google search I could not come across any of Bradley's work but I have found reports about other charity conmen of which there seems no shortage, and in no case was their religion mentioned. It seems that religion is not usually relevant, that such crimes are not linked to any religious philosophy, or any particular group of religious adherents, unless the criminal happens to be jewish. Then it is relevant not because jews are more likely to commit the crime, but rather because they are jewish per se.

Just two examples will suffice:

A BRISTOL fraudster made £35,000 by selling clothes donated in fake charity collection bags.
Darius Kaminskas, of Douglas Road, Horfield, had worked for legitimate charity collectors before creating bags imitating those sent out by Barnardo’s.

 A man has admitted posing as comedian Peter Kay's brother while pretending to raise money for a boy dying from cancer. BBC News reports that Peter Stead, 50, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud. He will be sentenced on June 21.
It is not possible in any of the ten or so cases I found after a quick Google search to ascertain what religion the miscreant belonged to, it is irrelevant. The exception is Mr Polak where both reports I have seen identify his religion. This is just too statistically significant to be an aberration. 

It is a singling out of jewish people for opprobrium, an antisemitic act designed to bring jews into the foreground when committing a criminal act, as opposed to those who are not jewish. This is a typically racist act, one that may be better understood in relation to singling out black people as being supposedly more likely to commit violence. There is little truth in the assertion, but as tabloid newspapers habitually report on violent black people to the relative exclusion of whites, the stereotype has become ingrained in the consciousness of their readership.

Once the stereotype is ingrained the prejudiced person is more likely to notice when a black person commits a violent crime, thus confirming the initial prejudicial view of black people,  completing the circle.

It's interesting to contrast Bradley's alacrity in identifying 'the jew' with the BBC's efforts in disguising the islamic motivations of the Woolwich murderers:
The footage shown on the ITV website shows a man, speaking to the camera, saying: "We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
It is no coincidence that the words immediately preceding the quote above uttered by Adebolajo, of Allah Akbar, and good Ayas' (verses in the Koran) were ommitted. These words essential to understanding the racist islamic supremacist motivations of the beheaders were also voiced over in the video on youtube. It is all very well to be sensitive to the feelings of muslims, so as not to give the impression of painting a whole community in the same light, but why are such journalistic standards not applicable when jews commit crimes less serious by several orders of magnitude?

Unlike with the crime of fraud, this crime of extreme violence was indeed linked to a certain violent interpretation of islam held by many muslims (certainly not the majority, but a substantial minority nonetheless), and Adebolajo himself linked his religion to the crime. Mr Polak did not make such a link with his crime because there isn't one. It took two Liverpool reporters to establish a spurious link between Mr Polak's religion and a most despicable crime of fraud against a charity.

Maybe Mr Chris Bradley of Click Liverpool will be happy at being identified as an antisemite as this is in British left wing circles nowadays seen more as a badge of honor than something to hang one's head about (the Liverpool Echo report was unsigned but my comments about Mr Bradley apply equally there).

It is sad to find that traditional antisemitism is alive and well in Britain.

Update 5th June 2013:
The latest edition of the Liverpool Daily Post has reported the outcome of the trial impeccably this time, with no attempt to link the odious crime with the criminal's religion.

Update 11th June 2013

The Click Liverpool reporter updated his reporting of the swindlers. Maybe he was informed that his reporting of the 'jewish angle' looked too blatant the first time? The first line was therefore changed from Polak's being 'a prominent jewish businessman' to:
 A businessman has admitted swindling almost £250,000 of cancer charity cash to spare his wife a prison sentence.

Harris Polak, 53, pleaded guilty to fraud by abuse of position, the fifth count in a series of fraud-related charges, at Liverpool Crown Court.
 millionaire's row in the affluent suburb of Childwall on Merseyside
 was not omitted, despite locals' I have contacted having no knowledge of this term being applied to houses in that road

And Chris Bradley could not resist including Polak's jewishness later on:
The couple are well-known members of the Jewish community in Liverpool, particularly at the Liverpool Childwall Synagogue which has
Bradley might have tidied up his report, but the relevance of religion to the report is still only for Polak, nowhere else did I find reports that mention the religion of the criminal, which leaves the verdict being, one criminal fraudster on bail, and one racist Liverpool journalist Chris Bradley determined to add his little bit of credence to defamatory stereotypes of jewish people.


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