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Christians who show the Jewish People the 'other' christian cheek', their love rather than the traditional enmity

It has been sad to see the east coast of the USA battered so terribly by Hurricane Sandy. I hope that affected americans there will soon pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives.

It is inspiring that even whilst the US is battered by the elements, christians found time to turn out and show the love that millions of christians have for the Jewish People and Israel. Their love makes up for the legions of christian anti-semites supported even from the Vatican (I don't believe that the Popes are personally involved in anti-jewish agitation, or even that they support this. Popes after WWII have generally been well disposed to the Jewish People, most notably the much lamented John Paul II of blessed memory).

As with the catholic church so with the protestants under the influence of the World Council of Churches whose anglican priests and bishops spend much of their time propagandising against Israel in the cause of undermining and defeating the Jewish State. Those priests constantly condemn jewish people for having 'occupied'  their own homelands of Judea and Samaria. Those priests are seemingly ignorant of the Bible. 

Our enemies amongst whom the most active in Israel are the Quakers and Franciscan monks would see jews again massacred if they had the chance.

Jews have never received any official apology for murders of millions of jews by european christians over the millenia. Even in living memory catholic priests were at the head of christian communities in Europe who killed jews. The priests under Archbishop Stepinac even ran a quisling government under the nazis where they massacred jews in their thousands. Although communists everywhere were excommunicated by the Vatican, none of the priests or even nazi soldiers were. Not one.

And in Israel there is the memory of the crusaders who after having marched through europe wiping out whole jewish communities on the way, took the old city of Jerusalem and massacred the whole jewish community there.

Jews don't need lessons from Franciscan monks:
On the eighth of Iyyar (May 3, 1096), the crusaders surrounded the synagogue of *Speyer; unable to break into it, they attacked any Jews they could find outside the synagogue, killing eleven of them. One of the victims, a woman, preferring death to conversion, the only choice left open by the crusaders, inaugurated the tradition of freely accepted martyrdom. *Kiddush ha-Shem, martyrdom for the glory of God, thus became the exemplary answer of Jews threatened in their life and faith by the crusaders. On the 23rd of Iyyar (May 18, 1096) *Worms suffered a similar fate. The crusaders first massacred the Jews who had remained in their houses, then, eight days later, those who had sought an illusory refuge in the bishop's castle. The victims numbered about 800; only a few accepted conversion and survived, the great majority choosing to be killed or suicide rather than apostasy. Hearing of the massacre, the Jews of Mainz asked for the bishop's protection, paying him 400 pieces of silver to this end. When the crusaders, led by Emicho, arrived outside the town on the third of Sivan (May 27, 1096), the burghers hastened to open the gates. The Jews took up arms under the leadership of Kalonymus b. Meshullam. Weakened through fasting, for they had hoped to avert the disaster through exemplary piety, the Jews had to retreat to the bishop's castle; however the latter could do nothing for them, as he himself had to flee before the combined assault of crusaders and burghers. After a brief struggle, a wholesale massacre ensued. More than 1,000 Jews met their deaths, either at the enemy's hands or their own. Those who managed to escape were overtaken; almost no one survived. A comparable disaster occurred in Cologne,
When we have catholic monks write recently in their journal that unsbstantiated allegations of jewish anti christian daubings in Jerusalem (almost certainly the work of arab agitators) are a result of a bad education, we know those people for what they are, having already experienced the fruits of their 'love' in their past and read their regular missives demonising jews and Israel.

Just for the record the Israeli educational system works hard to inculcate ideals of tolerance and respect for minorities. Not for nothing is Israel the only country in the middle east where christians are thriving.

It is heartwarming to see that millions of christians recognise that Israel is the only friend of christians in the middle east, and that christians are welcome in Israel, will find that their love is very much reciprocated.
Christians who love Israel should go there, visit their holy sites and see what a wonderful place it is, what a magnificent country the Jewish People have built in the teeth of great adversity.

Thousands of Texas Christians Rally in Support of Israel

Thousands of Christian Zionists gathered at a Texas megachurch on Sunday night to rally in support for Israel.
By Rachel Hirshfeld
First Publish: 11/1/2012, 2:31 PM

PM Netanyahu speaks at CUFI event
PM Netanyahu speaks at CUFI event
Flash 90
Thousands of Christian Zionists gathered at a Texas megachurch on Sunday night to rally in support for Israel, the San Antonio Express-News reported.
Pastor John Hagee, noted television evangelist and founder of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), organized the event and reaffirmed the organization’s belief that the defense of Israel as a Jewish homeland and a strong U.S.-Israel bond provides the world with the greatest chance at peace and stability in the Middle East.
“The day America turns its back on Israel, that day God will turn his back on the United States of America,” Hagee told the audience.
With more than one million members, CUFI is America’s largest pro-Israel organization, according to its website.
Sunday’s “Night to Honor Israel”, which brought together rabbis, Christian ministers and Israeli representatives, marked the 31st year the event was held at San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church.
Some waved American and Israeli flags while listening to speeches, singing songs and reciting prayers. There was also frequent cheering and clapping as the noted speakers rejecting candidates for U.S. office who have not held Israel's enemies-- most notably Iran-- accountable for seeking the destruction of the Jewish state.
The event raised nearly $3 million to support Jewish and Israeli charities.
“Such donations and commitment to seek favorable political leadership are reasons to hope,” said Meir Shlomo, consul general of Israel to the Southwest.
“We all know you have our back covered,” he said, prompting a prolonged standing ovation.

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