Thursday, 15 November 2012

So Israel has given Hamas a bloody nose....... but that counts for little

Whilst jewish children are taught music and dance, islamists have only one thing on their mind
Netanyahu fooled us all. As he was applying balm and displaying indifference in the face of over a hundred Hamas missiles hitting Israel, he was preparing a painful attack on the islamist terrorists who have made living in parts of the south of Israel a nightmare for nigh on 10 years.

And Netanyahu got the number one Hamas terrorist, so congratulations again. But one dead terrorist even Jabari does not win a war.

And Obama hasn't yet put the boot into Israel for daring to attack arabs. Is this a quid pro quo for not attacking Iran (If so it is a very poor bargain, as no matter how difficult Hamas makes life for Israelis, it is unlike Iran not an existential threat to Israel unless and until the islamist foes of Egypt, Gaza and Hezbollah with the possible of a newly islamist Syria and Jordan can synchronise their attacks - will the present jordanian regime survive or will it fall prey to an islamist fate in the coming year or two?

So apart from the good news, of the magnificent show given yet again by the IAF that took out most of the Iranian medium range Fajr missiles that could hit Tel-Aviv and thus cripple Israel's economy and the proving of the Iron Dome, there is still no evidence that Israel's leadership has understood the dynamics of the enemies it faces.
The next generation of Jihad

Israel has played a clever game, hoodwinking its enemy and left footing him yet again, but Israel is still playing to the rules written for it. Israel is allowed to fight back after receiving thousands of rockets, but only for so long, and to only do so much damage. Now if we were dealing with an enemy which cared about its people's suffering then this might work. But Hamas and the other assorted islamists running Gaza don't care a hoot about their people. Their only interest is in working towards their long term goal of destroying Israel and establishing the caliphate stretching from Spain to India (in the first instance).

Israel is facing a foe that is more similar to the nazis than to France or Great Britain. British and French rulers might have attacked each other for centuries, but they were not trying to destroy or even to kill but rather to possess. The islamists wish to possess also but then to destroy the culture of their enemies along with their christian and jewish religions. Atheists would soon find that they had a choice between being put to the sword or islam.

As the islamists work according to nazi rules of conquering and destroying without mercy, of not acknowledging defeat until utterly routed, Israel must change its 'Weltanschaung' from that of liberal protectors of the human rights of their islamist enemies to that of Poland or Czechoslovakia after the Second World War.

The unlamented useful idiot Rachel Corrie burning a US flag in Gaza in the cause of the Islamic Caliphate

Silesian and Sudetan Germans were sent over the border into Germany after having played the fifth column preparing the way for the nazi invasion. Hamas run Gaza is a dagger pointed at Tel-Aviv just as it was in 1948. Gaza has devoted itself for nearly the whole of Israel's short history to being the launching pad for attacks against Israel, whether it was from the merciless Fedayeen of the 1950's or of Arafat's murderers of the PLO in the 1960's.

The only solution is to ship Gazans over the border to Egypt. Gazans are Egyptians in all but name and whenever they are allowed egyptian citizenship grab it with both hands.

The world will scream blue murder, but that always happens when Israel is involved. Sooner or later Israel will learn that Gaza is a running sore which will never allow Israel any but the briefest of lulls in the attrition against it.
Her daddy was killed with 2 others by a Hamas rocket today in Kiryat Malachi

Egypt which has just withdrawn its ambassador from Israel in protest at Israel's retaliation for the latest waves of rockets against it is another enemy which Israel is sooner or later going to have to remove from the Sinai. As the latest salvo of rockets from the Sinai desert show, Egypt has no interest in stopping missiles being fired at Israel from its territory. Egyptian President Morsy who uttered 'amen' to his local imam's beseeching of Allah to destroy Israel, this Morsy who only a month before his election was calling for Jihad, and of sacrificing one's life without needing to spell out just against who (the head of the Muslim Brotherhood the organisation he himself led until recently spelt it out clearly that muslims would soon be marching on Jerusalem) will go to war with Israel just as soon as he can. Thankfully the Egyptian economy is at present a shambles, but that should not be relied on. Saudi Arabia and other arab states have in the past been only too willing to  finance a war with Israel.
Mona Lisa reminds us that some arabs love Israel and defend it from the islamists and 'palestinian' terrorists

Israel must learn once and for all that its only security will come not from pieces of paper that its arab enemies will tear up at the drop of a hat, but from land. Israel is thankfully blessed with defensible borders, but only if Israel advances towards them.

Israel must drive out its enemies when they make war against it, from Gaza and from the Sinai and from Judea and Samaria if arabs there refuse to live at peace with Israel.

In the next conflict Israel must re-take the Gidi and Mitla passes in the Sinai,  re-take its biblical borders up to the Litani river and annexe Judea and Samaria. In the next thirty years Israel will have more than enough people to fill those borders and thus make the land safe.

Enough of Israeli soldiers dying because their enemies were given back land they had attacked Israel from. Not for nothing did the People of Israel thousands of years ago stake out secure borders along the natural borders of high points and rivers surrounding Israel. The rules have not changed despite modern armaments. Secure borders must be kept with our enemies being only granted peace in exchange for peace.

In the middle east the man who gives away land, who makes gesture for peace is recognised as weak, as appeasing a more worthy power.

Poor 'blaspheming' pakistani christian Rimsha Masih reminds us that islamist grievances can not be met other than by counterforce
Israel is not weak. It must make no more concessions, no more gestures, give away no more land. Those who attack Israel must know that they stand to lose their lives and their land.

This is called deterrence, something which this latest campaign will most likely only grant for a year or two.

One day Israel will learn the lesson of this cycle not so much of violence but of appeasment.

Israel's appeasing its enemies of begging for peace negotiations, of offering land, of propping up its enemies economies, of feeding its enemies, of allowing its enemies to use its hospitals leads only to the next round of hostilities.

Israel will most likely only attain deterrence when it has its back to the wall as in 1948, when in order to survive it is forced to treat its merciless enemies measure for measure. That time is coming.

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