Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Haman retakes the White House

The worst has happened and now it's time to take stock.  Obama remains president knows the ropes and will be able to work faster and harder to achieve policies that are important to him. He also will not need to tailor policies in his last year to getting re-elected.

Obama has no love for Israel or its current leader Netanyahu who will most likely also be re-elected. The question is whether Obama will try again to hammer Israel over its citizens living in the Jewish Ancestral Homelands of Judea and Samaria. Hopefully Obama is chastened by events last time round, and will have little enthusiasm to go head to head with Israel when it is palestinian arabs who have been the stumbling block to moving peace forwards.
Palestinian arabs are the ones who have refused to sit down at the table with Israel who constantly provoke and attack jews.
But the problem is not whether and when to negotiate but the fact that arabs keep telling Israel they will sooner or later destroy it. Why else does Abbas and his crew stick rigidly to the 'right of return', that arabs and their descendants can move back to towns in Israel where they might have  come from. Israel is supposed to forget that 5 arab armies and arabs living in Israel tried to strangle Israel at birth, to forget that the moment it left Gaza and Lebanon they attacked Israel. In the case of Gaza the rocket attacks are unceasing.

Palestinian arabs have little wish to establish their own state albeit Farouk Kadummi the PLO former 'foreign minister' who only this last week said that he favoured a confederation with Jordan.So did another PLO central committee member:
Zaki also discussed the idea of "Palestine" federating with Jordan, which PLO official Farouk Kaddumi recently suggested. Zaki said that this is of course a possible option - but now is not the time to talk about it. Apparently, the PLO knows quite well that independence was never its goal - destroying Israel has been, and the entire facade of a "two-state solution" is simply another stage in that goal. But if the PalArab leaders publicly acknowledge that they really are indistinguishable from Jordan, the UN member states might wonder why they really want their own state.
So will Obama go full steam ahead to bully Israel into allowing the establishment of another terror state for a non-existant people, some millions of arabs west of the Jordan whose identity is based upon the destruction of Israel?

Obama may very well move forwards with this, hanging the possibility of the USA allowing the UNSC to pass damaging resolutions against Israel.  He could downgrade military links with Israel and generally work to destroy Israel's links with the USA. Obama doesn't have a totally free hand as Congress is still very supportive of Israel. But a chill will soon enter the air.

Apart from Obama's obsession with Israel he will need to take time out on a regular basis to deal with Iran whose nuclear program threatens to set off an avalanche of proliferation, something that Obama is committed to prevent. And then there is China the bully of South East Asia. That is going to take up increasing amounts of time. And lastly there is that burgeoning deficit. $16 trillions is no mean sum and might soon lead to a collapse in the dollar if nothing is done.

Israel is a tiny country but it has weathered many storms in its recent history. The second Obama period was presaged by the omen of Hurricane Sandy and Netanyahu will indeed need to batten down the hatches and be prepared to take a lot of flak from a man who now has a greater ability to damage it. This is despite the fact that the american people is generally very well disposed to Israel. Obama's mandate was not intended to be used for such a purpose, to harm jews, but there again neither was Hitlers.

Americans want jobs and financial security. Hopefully their president will work to achieve this, but his eye is firmly fixed not so much on the welfare of americans but on adding to the manifold threats and dangers to Israel's security caused by his first administration.

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