Friday, 16 November 2012

Israel doesn't want peace so much as it wants to be loved.

Arab Israeli students holding their 'Moment of Silence' at Haifa University in memory of slain Hamas terrorist
 Jews have never come to terms over the centuries with the hatred shown to us by the mass of christians and muslims. The Jewish People has done its utmost to have the nations love us albeit the setting up a model state, a democratic state whereby all its citizens have true freedoms. Many citizens and guests abuse these privileges.

Arabs in Israel have everything they could wish for, freedom of speech, of assembly, to vote, to have the best healthcare in the world (something extended even yesterday to over dozen gazans who were allowed into Israel to be treated), the right to be treated equally and without discrimination before the law, their right to security. There is nowhere better in the middle east to be an arab.

Yet in the best of times jews in Israel are not afforded their rights to peace and security. Every month there are hundreds of terror acts against jews by arabs from small scale puncturing of tyres and burning of cars and stonings to the large scale theft and destruction of property. Arabs who shout about the sanctity of olive trees uproot jewish owned olive groves. Forests in Israel suffer from mass arson attacks whenever the weather gets warm. And of course there are the knifings, the stabbings and gruesome murders of jews that happen or are attempted almost daily.

There is little chance that Israel will finally put a stop to rocket attacks - Hamas will be deterred for a year or two at most

Even in time of war Israel's arab population is safe and sound. No Israeli has the right to go round to his arab neighbour and abuse him or go in the night and kick him out. This is good as the innocent citizen must be protected without discrimination. But Israel has many loyal arab citizens, muslim and christian who need supporting not just by way of rights, but of sanctions against those arabs who intimidate them and are traitors to the state.  Yesterday in Haifa university a group of arab students held a public demonstration on  university grounds against the killing of Hamas terrorist Ahmed Jabari responsible for the deaths of 600 Israelis. Israel's universities regularly see provocations from some of its arab students who bite the hand which nourishes them. Not the traitorous arabs but the jewish counter demonstration was threatened by campus security:
Ronit Moskowitz, a student at the University of Haifa, told Globes that one of the demonstrators told her that the silent 20-minute vigil was “in memory of our chief of staff.”
Moskowitz said that Jewish students responded to the vigil by singing “Hatikva,” the Israeli national anthem. The original demonstration dispersed, and while the Jewish students were still singing “Hatikva,” campus security arrived to inform the Jewish students that they were not allowed to demonstrate on campus and threatened to bring them to a disciplinary board
“They stood there for 20 minutes and nobody approached them. They have the right and we don’t?” Moskowitz asked.
What other country would allow this in a time of war? In England 'enemy aliens' were interned throughout WWI, and nazi sympathisers were interned throughout the Second World War along with innocent jewish refugees who had fled the nazi horrors. The Amadeus string quartet was formed whilst interned in a British camp. Confirmed traitors who worked for the nazis even in a propaganda capacity were executed.
In the USA the whole japanese ethnic population was interned.

But Israel extends full rights to arabs such as anti-semite and islamist agitator Raed Salah who calls for the destruction of his country. These people call from within Israel to boycott the country whilst enjoying all its protections and benefits. One such despicable arab citizen who  immigrated to Israel from Egypt is hypocrite Omar Bargouti who onsorts with Israel's worst enemies and works tirelessly to bring about the boycotting of Israel, all whilst studying for a Phd at Tel Aviv University!

Why does Israel do nothing? Indeed why does it allow hundreds of foreign activists to march up and down Judea and Samaria making the lives of jews living there and of the army a misery? Why does it tolerate adults inciting their children to goad and attack its soldiers? This incitement is child abuse and social workers should be sent in to take such abused children into safety. Parents who do this to their children are not fit for this role.

Why does Israel allow reporters such as British propagandist Jonathan Cook to make a good living out of writing calumnies against Israel whilst residing comfortably in Jaffa?

Israel has not learned that a democracy needs protecting, that every democracy under threat has shown itself to be totally merciless to its enemies. Britain when it was bombed by the nazis conducted thousand bomber raids against german cities in order to kill civilians and thus undermine german will to continue the war. Only a few weeks ago France again warned that it would use its nuclear weapons, this time if Syria used chemical or biological weapons. The first time was in 2005 when Chirac threatened to annihilate any state that sent terrorists against it.

But Israel believes that to prove itself as a democracy it must allow its worst enemies, parasites such as Cook and Barghouti to make their livings and use Israel's services and benefits from within Israel's borders. Those parasites are allowed to write their lies and take naive visitors to Israel on 'tours' to indoctrinate them against the tiny state of Israel, under constant attack and once again having to fight to keep alive.

Democracy needs defending, not just by protecting minorities and individual freedoms which is very laudable and something I would always defend, but of excluding those who despise democracy, who hate the very freedoms that Israel extends to all, who serve its enemies by acting for those who wage war against it.

Israel must learns that democracies need to be defended not only against those who fire rockets at it, but those who act as a parasitical fifth column.

Israel needs to love itself more than its enemies, to forget about being understanding and indulgent to its enemies, to beg for peace and hope the world will love it. A country needs to be first respected and feared by its enemies before it can afford the luxury of love.

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