Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lebanese Maronite priest expresses his 'love' for the Jewish People

It's interesting that a maronite priest can take time out from the woes of christians persecuted, beaten and killed throughout the muslim world to spread hatred of jews using the notorious tsarist forgery the Protocols of the Elder of Zion and the deicide myth.
Speaking in arabic on Hezbolla TV the priest opens up his heart to the Hezbollah killers who are presently firing hundreds of missiles nightly into sunni villages just over the border in Syria, and says what he really feels about jews.
There's none of the crocodile tears for 'suffering' palestinian arabs and 'occupation' and the suchlike we often hear from the mealy mouthed franciscans and Vatican media.
 Here we get just the raw expression of the old hatred for the Jewish People from a christian priest spreading the old calumnies to islamic murderers.
If this priest thinks that ingratiating his community with Hezbollah will convince them not to turn their guns on his community he's living in a fool's paradise.
The turn of Lebanon is coming and no amount of peddling of the old lies against jews will spare his own community from the coming islamic storm being waged next door.

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