Friday, 2 November 2012

Peace at "any price" is a recipe for Israel's destruction

 Israel is waking up to the fact that there is an enemy entity in the south of the country, but the message from Egypt has still not gone home. That an adviser to Barak the defence minister can talk about keeping the peace treaty with Egypt at "any price" is foolish. 

Britain's Chamberlain wanted peace at "any price", and the price for that was Czechoslovakia. The result of that perfidy in selling an ally down the road was not peace, but a terrible world war that could have been avoided. Germany was no match in 1938 for an alliance of France, GB and Czechoslovakia. Germany's generals were themselves only waiting for the nod from Lord Halifax to go ahead and arrest Hitler.

Israel has been buying peace at any price with Hamas for a long time now, and it has no peace or peace of mind. Israel keeps to the islamist rules of the game that so long as only the 'expendable' towns and even the city of Beersheba are attacked, then Hamas rule is safe. So we see time and again wave after wave of rockets killing and injuring Israelis and terrorising a million people. Once the terror has been inflicted Hamas through the intercession of Egypt 'agrees' to a ceasefire. This constant terror now aided and abetted by Egypt is aimed at undermining the peace and security of Israelis throughout the south, and a few dead Israelis now and again are just the icing on the cake. 
And the terror has had its effect. Israelis with capital have left the south. Only the poverty stricken remain in Sderot and Netivot the communities closest to Gaza.

And Israel goes along with this. It kills a few expendable terrorists in the act of firing rockets and then waits for the next attack which will force a million Israelis to sleep in bomb shelters and stop life for days. And that is without mentioning the thousands of jewish kids who wet their beds at night. And this goes on year after year.

The 'peace at any price' mantra in Judea and Samaria means that there also there is no peace. Jews are attacked and their property is damaged and stolen unceasingly and arab settlements keep encroaching on jewish land.

There is an inability amongst many of Israel's leaders to recognise just what our enemies are up to. From trying to cut bits of Israel's ancient homelands away, to terrorising the border areas and now to Muhammad Morsy's desire to rearrange the peace treaty there is a plan, to reduce the area where jews live in, to make Israel's borders less secure than they already are, to reduce those borders, to situate armed and agressive enemies along those borders and then to destroy Israel when it is least able to defend itself, when its strategic borders are lost to it. This may happen through one coordinated attack or many smaller ones which gradually overwhelm Israel's defences. The latter plan is already in effect in Judea and Samaria and with the attacks from Gaza.

Barak and Netanyahu must realise the game has changed in the middle east. The sunni muslim countries are surrounding it with (the present exception of Jordan but that country is very unstable and could easily fall to the islamists) all extreme and all committed to Israel's destruction. None more so than Egypt whose leader only a week or two ago uttered 'amen' to his imam's prayer for the destruction of jews and Israel. One month before his election Morsy was screaming his wish for Jihad, his Muslim Brotherhood leader Baddie said that next year muslims would raise their black flag in Jerusalem.

If Israel's really do want peace, then they must remember the wise saying that "if you wish for peace, then prepare for war." 

If Israel believes that it can buy its way out of another war with Egypt by appeasing it, by allowing the Peace Treaty to be changed, it is very much mistaken. The only way a new war can be avoided is if Israel makes it clear that Egypt will pay a terrible price, that the Aswan dam will be turned to rubble. Israel must learn the laws of the middle east. Hezbollah has not messed with Israel since 2006 after Israel turned its Beirut neighbourhood and much of South Lebanon to rubble. Balance of terror is the only way that the armies of islam will be put off from their plans.

Israel must change its mindset, turn from appeasement to a determination to defend its interests, to make its enemies pay a stiff price for their aggression against Israel. Once Israel does that it will have peace.

Shabbat Shalom (to my christian and muslim readers, have a nice weekend)

There is little chance that Israel will maintain high-level diplomatic channels with an increasingly radicalized Egypt, a top Israeli security official said Friday.

Defense Ministry department director Amos Gilad told students in Herzliya that the election of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi as president in Egypt had led to all but frozen ties between Jerusalem and Cairo.

“There’s no talking between our diplomatic corps and theirs, and I believe there will not be in the future. [Morsi] won’t talk with us,” he said.

Morsi’s election has worried some officials in Israel, who fear that the Islamist president will move to change the terms of Israel and Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty, which has held a cold peace between the countries.

Gilad slammed Morsi’s regime, saying its rise to power boded ill for the region.

“Out of a desire for democracy, grew a horrifying dictatorship,” he said.

Gilad, a top aide to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, said Israel needed to make sure the treaty with Egypt stayed in place, no matter the cost.

We need to keep the peace treaty with Egypt at any price,” he said, adding that the country did not want to have to send troops against Egypt.

Morsi has said he will respect the treaty, but has downplayed any chance of high-level contact with Jerusalem.

In July, President Shimon Peres received a friendly letter from Morsi hoping for security and stability in the region, but Morsi’s office denied ever sending the letter.

A letter sent last month with Egypt’s envoy to Israel called Peres a “great and good friend.” After the publication of the letter caused a small uproar in the Arab world, Cairo claimed the text was standard and did not mean anything special.

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