Friday, 16 November 2012

Netanyahu is going through the motions of defending Israel

Overnight the Israeli press trumpets the bombing of 250 installations in Gaza, most notably missile launching sites. This is another example of a bloated Israeli military carrying out the same failed policies that have not stopped the rocket attacks in the last ten years.

Israel's answer to Hamas rockets is just more of the same. Is not a devastating attack to crush Hamas once and for all but of bombing empty installations and rocket launchers. Launchers can be replaced in minutes after having been blasted by hugely expensive smart missiles.

Israel must learn to be cruel. Gaza must be bombed out of a wish to hurt and kill Israelis. Gaza's electricity station should be put out of action.Gaza has a border with Egypt, and it is through that border that food and medicine should be imported. Needless to say, Israel's hospitals should become out of bounds for its enemies.

An answer to Hamas is maybe also to return to the events of 1947. From 30th November 1947 after the UN Partition Resolution arabs in Israel in league with the British and arab states conducted a war to kill off any possibility of jews forming a state. The task of Palestinian arabs was to shoot up the roads and jewish towns and villages, to prevent jewish forces moving to protect kibbutzim and towns under attack. Arabs in Israel were tasked to create for the invading arab armies an easy entrance into the country with rest and staging areas. The plan failed because hostile arab villages were emptied and destroyed largely as a result of propaganda about the mythical massacre of Deir Yassin. Untrue it was but it was of enormous help in clearing vital strategic aresas of the enemy.
Our enemies call this 'ethnic cleansing' but Israel's intention was not to expel its arabs but to defend itself from attack and another extermination just 3 years after the Holocaust. Those arab villages and towns which took no part in hostilities against jews such as Abu Ghosh near Jerusalem remained safe and are still there today. Those who had participated in attacks on jews left, fearing the massacres so traditional in the middle east and that are now being perpetrated in Syria.

Gaza is an entity resolute in attacking Israel and working for its destruction and we see that there can be no peace with this islamist state which has only ever had one goal, to destroy Israel.
Gaza must be cleared of enemy military concentrations preferably in a rolling movement using artillery from north to south forcing the enemy to move away from Israel's present borders, until the enemy desire to attack and kill Israelis is crushed. Once the land is cleared Israeli settlements must be built there again with the territory annexed to Israel. Our enemies must know that aggression against Israel will have a permanent response.

Either the aggression will stop at any point in time at which the Israeli forces will stop their own advance forwards, or our enemies will find themselves further south in the Sinai. This can be the only effective response to islamists in  Gaza that won't put many israeli soldiers' lives at risk in a costly ground war.

Until the day comes when Israel is prepared to move its enemies further away from its borders there will be no peace. As we see now, Gush Katif protected Israel from attack. With the settlements gone, Israel has had years of sustained rocket fire into its towns and cities.

Simply bombing Hamas tunnels, installations, bunkers and rocket launchers will solve nothing. Wasting Israel's resources using hi tech against arabs who can make missiles cheaply will mean that the problem of massed Gazan rockets attacks on Israel will keep recurring.

Israel must change the paradigm. Hamas must be extirpated from Gaza either by way of a ground offensive, or preferably by a rolling artillery bombardment..

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