Monday, 15 April 2013

Israel the intellectual and energy superpower

Whilst the USA, europe and the UK spend much of their time nation building the arabs of Judea and Samaria, trying to unify them via massive influxes of cash (much of it wasted by corruption in the two thuggish statelets of  'Palestine' where democratic elections were held one time only), Israel is bounding forwards.

It amazes me how Israel has changed beyond belief in the last 20 years. I can't put it better than this:
Highlighting Israel's emergence as a high-tech superpower and a unique ally of the US, George Gilder, the author of The Israel Test and a high-tech guru, wrote in The Wall Street Journal: "Israel cruised through the recent global slump with no deficit or stimulus package… It is the global master of microchip design, network algorithms and medical instruments…water recycling and desalinization…missile defense, robotic warfare, and UAVs…[supplying] Intel with many of its microprocessors (Pentium, Sandbridge, Atom, Centrino)… Cisco with new core router designs and real-time programmable network processors… [supplying]Apple with miniaturized memory systems for its iPhones, iPods and iPads, and Microsoft with user interface designs for the OS7 product line and the Kinect gaming motion-sensor interface….U.S. defense and prosperity increasingly depend on the ever-growing economic and technological power of Israel. If we stand together we can deter or defeat any foe…. We need Israel as much as it needs us.”
So there we have it, Israel is a major asset for the USA its ally, and of europe if the truth be told. It is not known just how many Nato soldiers have been saved by israeli techonology such as light plastic IED proof pannelling for personnel carriers, or for Israel's sharing its protocols of how to deal with suicide bombers.

Now that Israel has 8 million people, up from less than a million in 1948, four of its universities are in the top 30 in the world when it comes to computer science. Britain with 70 million people has only one university  in the top 30 (Oxford). No european universities, apart from Oxford and Cambridge universities are even to be seen in the top 50!

Is this related to the plague of political correctness endemic in europe? Whereas israelis will question and argue the point, take arguments on their merits, in europe self censorship, and being on message seem to be paramount. When I think of the amount of garbage that poses as scholarship when dealing with the middle east and the arab-Israel conflict, the books written by university professors who have little understanding of the dynamics of the middle east or of its history, but who happily indoctrinate students in a fictitious and forgiving history of the arabs (whilst demonising jews), the dynamics of this become clear. Not for nothing do South Korean students learn the talmud, whereby jewish laws are developed through argument, by taking nothing for granted, by questioning, by listening to the offered opinions, and by demolishing them when necessary through force of referential and applied knowledge.

It is becoming increasingly clear that if you live in europe and wish for a top education, you should look to the USA ivy league, Israel or asia. I would say Israel is the best place to study, in a vibrant society with world class companies all within a few miles of where you are studying. I'm not alone in this opinino. When I was in the Negev desert recently, a canadian Phd student who had just finished his dissertation at the Weizmann institute told me he was looking forward to a nice job in europe.Papers he had published whilst in Israel made him pretty certain that his knowledge was now a saleable commodity.

If you believe in God you might ponder on how the arab world has squandered its oil instead of using it to build modern and  effective societies. Saudi Arabia and the other little UAE potentates are little different to what they were a hundred years ago. Instead of arab beduin conducting raiding parties to find slaves and booty every summer from arab countries to the north, they now use their oil wealth to import their workers to do everything necessary, to live a life of luxury, decadence and laziness. Saudi Arabia is populated by two thirds foreigners. The other arab states are little different. That doesn't mean that they will pay their workers fairly though. That's not part of the culture. Robbery and slave trading extends to not paying your philippines worker, to beating them to death if they complain. If they run away you can always file a complaint with the saudi police that they stole things from you, with the awful sharia punishments that entails.
Without the oil and the foreigners arab societies would collapse, or look like Somalia or Sudan. We don't know how long that will take, but apart from exporting terror and wahabite extremism, the arab and to a large extent the islamic world is good for nothing.

So maybe God said to Israel, "first toil and build your society for 65 years, temper yourselves in the heat of arab hatred, build a strong democratic society which will help you to learn how to deal responsibly and equitably with the riches that have now begun to flow from the Tamar gas field".

Only now is Israel ready to use the gas and the oil to further develop its society, for all its citizens, jew, christian and muslim, rather than be squandered as has been the case with the arabs, and even Britain.

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