Monday, 8 April 2013

Yeshiva University rewards anti-semitism

Jimmy Carter sees apartheid in Israel not by his Saudi Arabian financial backers with their real apartheid and gender based violence against women

 Giving an award to anti-semite Jimmy Carter, a man with his hands full of saudi gold really sticks in the gut. That Yeshiva University would even consider doing this shows just how the moral compass is askew in some american institutions of learning.

This corrupted ex-president who has time to write a book on supposed israeli apartheid, to attack Israel incessantly, whilst never once noticing the real religious and gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia, who even paid homage to Hamas prime minister Haniyah whilst Hamas rains rockets down on Israel does not deserve an award from any jewish institution.
Award giving should be left to arab countries to which Jimmy Carter is beholden.

Carter sucking up to Hamas terrorist Meshal

My letter sent to Yeshiva University heads (please email them):


I hope arch antisemite Jimmy Carter has earned his award from your institution by way of some saudi funding, a chair in this or that 'research'.
The saudis know a good antisemitic cause to promote when they see one.

And who better to recommend you to the saudis than Carter, awash with Saudi money for many years, dating back to financing (a "loan") for his peanut farm and latterly funding his so-called 'Human Rights' charitable foundation, which spends much time to lambasting Israel.

Unsurprisingly whilst devoting his efforts against Israel, Carter has nothing to say about Saudi Arabia

" provides Israeli and Palestinian human rights defenders the opportunity to inform senior policymakers through firsthand, credible information about ongoing human rights violations that pose a threat to peace and justice for all residents of the region.
In November 2011, the program also supported public events with Palestinian activists engaged in nonviolent protests against the confiscation of Palestinian land in the West Bank, including a panel discussion with Manal Tamimi, a leader of the weekly protests against settlement encroachment on the village Nabi Saleh."

There is no mention of the constant violence, of stone throwing used by 'non violent' protesters. Nor is there mention of israeli deaths such as that of Asher Palmer

or baby Adele fighting for her life at present, from these stone throwers.

It is interesting that Carter's website carries this description:
Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory" whilst omitting to provide a similar reference for e.g. China, such as 'China and the Occupied Tibetan Lands'. Indeed, Tibet does not even figure as a country that Carter's foundation is interested in.

What a terrible day, when your once venerable institution, Yeshiva University, gives awards to avowed enemies of the jewish people.

Be ashamed.

David Mizeon

For more information see Elder of Ziyon  here

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