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So jews are attacked because of the sins of 'occupation' ?

There was no 'occupation' and no Israel in 1929 when arabs massacred and ethnically cleansed the jews of Hebron
If only Israel would be more flexible we are told, then arabs would have no reason to hate jews and Israel. If only Israel gave away some more of its land then arabs would be satisfied and then there would be peace....... These soothing arguments can not explain why jews throughout their history in the islamic world have been humiliated, attacked and had their property stolen by arabs. As we see below, there is always a reason to attack jews, to steal their possessions, to kill them when they resist.

In 1873 the rains were good and jews of Jerusalem stopped buying water from the neighbouring village of Silwan (water drawn from the spring drawn from the well at the end of Hezekiah's tunnel).

This 'grievance' rather than stimulate the water sellers to find a different line of business, or work now justified an increase in robberies in Jerusalem, which in any case were normally directed only at jews. 

When a pious jew Aharon Hershler in 1873 resisted robbers he was shot down, and has been officially recognised as Israel's first pre-state war victim. Throughout the years there would be thousands more victims of arab aggression, even before the establishment of the State of Israel.

And yet arab apologists would have you believe that if the 'occupation' were reversed peace would reign (arabs deliberately don't explain what they mean by that term 'occupation' because for them it is a euphemism for the destruction of Israel. As long as arabs don't explain that term, western pundits will graciously interpret it to mean withdrawal to the 1967 armistice lines, itself a death sentence for Israel, albeit possibly prolonged). There was rarely any peace before 1967, just as there is little now.

And the only time Israel has had a long lasting peace of sorts is when it is strong and assured of itself. Peace did not come after 1973 because of a sudden wish by Sadat for peace with Israel, but because as Mohammed Heikel said in his book Road to Ramadan, because he had the 'fear of war in his bones'. Israel had so thoroughly routed egyptian and syrian forces even after having been surprised on Yom Kippur the holiest day in the jewish calendar when most jews in Israel are in the synagogue praying, that both countries realised that Israel with Sinai, the Golan and Judea and Samaria could not be defeated through war (how wise were the jewish ancestors, who made sure that the Golan Heights and Judea and Samaria were part of Israel's borders.  Even now commanding the heights contributes enormously to security).

Not by conventional war but by offering the prospect of peace could Israel be shrunk. Egypt just like Syria which has had no peace treaty with Israel, yet has observed the peace all these years, could not embark on new wars against Israel.

After describing the heavy rains falling on the city, the first Hebrew paper – The Lebanon – published on February 5, 1873 described multiple complaints lodged with the Ottoman authorities regarding thefts perpetrated by local Arab farmers. It then reported the event of Hershler's death:
"A few days ago, thieves broke into the house of a Jewish man living outside the city walls in Mishkenot Shananim. He then fled his house in pursuit of these thieves, chasing them with his son-in-law, and the thieves fired at them with a rifle, and twelve bullets brought death unto the son-in-law and after four days he died in pain from his wounds at the Rothschild's Hospital. Until today, the identity of the murders is unknown. However, on their way to Jordan, around Jericho, the thieves formed an ambush, killing a farmer and his black servant." 

Hershler is one of the few fallen to have died during the 19th century, and almost all of the fallen from this period are haredi Jews trying to protect other Jews during Arab riots in the city.

First female casualty
The first female casualty of this period is one of the first settlers in Petah Tikva – Rahel Hadad Halevy –who was killed when Arab marauders broke into the settlement with the intent of wreaking havoc and beat her to death.
Arabs like the proverbial leopard and his spots don't change.

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