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IHH terrorists are described as 'victims' in Ynet and Times of Israel

The knife wielding terrorists who stabbed this Israeli soldier on the Mavi Marmara are now 'victims'

The Times of Israel is a newly formed news website established by the former editor of the Jerusalem Post. As with the JP much of the content is taken from the news syndicates which overwhelmingly have an anti-Israel agenda. It might be expected that israeli journalists would used this material carefully, as they understand that the serried ranks of foreign journalists in Israel are not there to report anything good about the country, but have been indoctrinated to twist any story to Israel's detriment. The Mavi Marmara is no exception as Reuters doctoring of the above picture shows:

Reuters doctored this photo of the stabbed israeli soldier on Mavi Marmara to take away the blood and the knife held by an IHH terrorist
So a news item about the families of the terrorists killed on the Mavi Marmari is of course begun with a not so subliminal statement about turks having suffered from  'israeli brutality'. The AP report describing as 'victims' those who attacked israeli soldiers fails to mention that the soldiers boarded the Mavi Marmari only with paintball guns at the ready. Israel's soldiers who were attacked by gangs of trained thugs even as they boarded the Mavi-Marmara in furtherance of a legal blockade of Hamas missile smuggling into Gaza were the real victims.

Any story with an anti-Israel slant will be copied to the four corners of the earth by Reuters, AP and AFP.

But when a jewish journalist reporting for an israeli newspaper uses such material, can she not at least reword the misleading first paragraph and title to make it more accurate, to reflect the real facts? After all, Michal Shmulovich claims credit for stories she reposts under her name.

Being a jewish journalist in Israel Michal Shmulovich is certainly aware of how foreign journalists design reports so as to condemn Israel from the beginning.

Last first headlines are a favorite method to have Israel condemned as the aggressor from the very start, even against the facts of the versame article (further explained at BBC watch):

Israel Fires Missile Into Syria After Israeli Soldiers Come Under Attack (AP)

It really is too much to expect an msm journalist to write a headline such as 'Israel responds to attack..........'
That would not have the desired effect.

 Most people will not read a whole story, so the headline and the first paragraph must be made to drive the arraignment of Israel home, even if the true facts are buried somewhere near the end. This is a favorite trick of Reuters and BBC.
By Michal Shmulovich
"Families of the victims of the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara in May 2010 are objecting to compensation talks between Turkey and Israel, saying the Jewish state must first fully lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip.
 Below there is an article about how jews have supposedly attacked arabs. We have the accusation against Samarian jews, but only at the end are the palestinian arab accusers being mentioned. Anyone who knows anything about Pallywood knows that nearly all 'incidents' between jews living in Judea and Samaria, 'settlers' are staged, that there is a whole industry of false accusations against Israel. Where there are actual incidents you can bet your bottom dollar that it was begun by arabs. There is at least one new pallywood production each week so it's hard to keep track of them all. Arabs engage in arson of Israeli forests all the time, so why not accuse jews of having done it to arabs? Here they forgot that jews mustn't light fires on the jewish sabbath, the the mass media don't mind.  Anything will be picked up on and published:
HEBRON, June 2, 2012 (WAFA) – Israeli settlers from Ramat Yishai settlement in the southern West Bank city of Hebron Saturday set fire to ancient olive trees in Tel Rumeida
What rarely gets reported are the endless attacks on jewish villages, sometimes with the tragic results seen at Itamar with the massacre of the Fogel family. Jews are daily attacked with stones, knives, guns and firebombs. And when they are reported, the arab attackers are described as 'non-violent protesters', an attempt to minimise the significance of the attacks.
"At least seven Palestinian children were injured Sunday south of Nablus after settlers threw stones at them, according to Palestinian sources.

Eight Palestinian girls were lightly injured by settlers from Yitzhar who whisked rocks in their direction and then drove away, AFP reported, quoting an unnamed Palestinian Authority official.
There is an arab war against Israel going on in Judea and Samaria, aided and abetted by the world's press.

Is this soldier really abusing a palestinian child in this picture flashed around the world by the networks? Photographers don't publish what came before
Yep, it's the very same girl, very well trained to provoke the response that will gain the all important response

Give her credit, she does try hard. Watch the video for more, and never again be fooled by Pallywood

Once you've seen this video, you'll understand just who are the aggressors in Judea and Samaria, and the role of the press in building up the lie of arab victimhood. The press and other adults are encouraging the children to work to get that one precious shot of an israeli manhandling a child. That will then be flashed around the world:

AFP, Reuters, BBC and the rest are not interested in the serious attacks on jews, such as that on baby Adele who is fighting for her life after a rock was thrown at her car. Asher Palmer's murder was similarly ignored by the world's press. When jews are attacked that is of no interest. If Israel or jews reply, then that is immediately a news item.

The msm will not publicize the true facts in Judea and Samaria, something that the 'low intensity conflict report' does.

I reproduce the first day of the latest report below:
This is a partial report of the on-going terror attacks against Israel.


Israeli policeman injured in his head near the Lions Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem, woman injured at El Arub, IDF reserve soldier injured in his face by rocks in Hursa Mishulash, IDF soldier injured from rocks in Ba'alin
*Senior members of Jihad Terror Organization arrested by Security Forces in Hevron Area
*Near Shomron Brigade Headquarters terrorist possessing 3 explosive devices and 5 Molotov cocktails
*Arab caught armed with knife near Ptizael in the Jordan Valley
*Terrorist armed with knife caught near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hevron, he admitted to planning a terror attack
*3 improvised grenades thrown at Security forces at Kever Rachel
Molotov Attacks:
3 at vehicle near Anata, 3 at Security forces at Bodrus, 1 at Security forces near Ma'aleh Hahamisha, 1 at vehicle near Ma'alhe Levona, 2 at Security force at Hirbat Aliah, at least 1 at Kever Rachel, 3 near J'aba at vehicles.
*Engineeering force near Han Unis in Gaza went on a explosive device
Rocket fall near kibbutz Sh'ar Hanegev, 2 fell in Arb occupied land
Judea Region; Rock attacks: Policeman Square hevron, Pharmacy checkpost, Hevron, El Fuar, near Maon, Halhul
Etzion Region: Violent demonstrations including rock attacks near Efrat, rock blockade and attacks El Arub, Bet Umar, Tekoa, El Hadar, violent demonstrations El Aidiya Refugee Camp near Kever Rachel,near Carmei Zur, Bet Umar, Har Homa Tekoa Highway.
Benjamin Region: Llubin A-Shrakia, Rentis, Harmaia Valley, Turmous Aya, Sen'jal, near Natuf Quarry, Abud Bypass, between Adam and Hizma
Shomron Rregion: near Ma'aleh Shomron, near Tapuah, near Emmanuel, Git Avishar Junction, near Peduel, Gilad Highway, Azun.

Ynet similarly reproduced the 'victims' article thus:
Families of the victims of an Israeli raid on a Turkish flotilla on Saturday spoke out against compensation talks between Turkey and Israel, saying the Jewish state must first fully lift its blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Even had the wording been left as is, the journalists involved might have taken a few seconds to mention that the IHH 'charity' which organised the flotilla in the first place is an islamist terror organisation which also carries out turkish foreign policy. IHH has been involved in the chechniyan conflict, and is now involved in gun running to the islamist rebels in Syria.
"Free Syrian Army commanders have told The Times that a boat containing weapons that docked in Syria this week was registered to members of the IHH, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Michal Shmulovich who is writing for a website that is not known to be anti-Israel, can not claim to be ignorant of the facts, so why does she reproduce anti-Israel propaganda for the Times of Israel?  Does Michal Shmulovich care that she reposts stories designed to besmirch Israel, evidently not.

Is Michal Shmulovich proud of herself? More likely she's proud of her paycheck. Israel go hang.

Shmulovich can however claim that she is not alone, that as Ynet shows, nearly all israeli journalists are cut from the same cloth as herself. When a mosque was burned in Israel, arabs accused settlers, and of course israeli journalists, forgetting all their training, their duty to investigate, rushed to condemn their own country. The facts came out later as I and others wrote about, based mainly on the hard work of one israeli blogger.

The mosque burning had everything to do with arab crime, and nothing to do with Israel.

And Tuba Zangriya was not the only time this has happened. Many other incidents have routinely been blamed on jews, often by the Catholic Church representatives in Israel along with the New (anti-) Israel Fund stooges.

But rabbis and the Israeli President Peres and others had already joined in the chorus of condemnation, using the hated settlers as a scapegoat. They think that hatred of israel deflected onto jews of Judea and Samaria can protect Israel, but they are wrong. The only protection for Israel is to get the truth out about the jihad inspired campaign against it in the world, to inform the non jewish world that the so called 'palestinian'-Israel conflict is the conflict of western civilization against arab radical islamic barbarism.
Those who would bring down Israel have europe and the USA in their sights after the defeat of Israel.

When israeli journalists trouble to go to Judea and Samaria they report from the palestinian arab side showing a bias towards an enemy they don't even take the trouble understand.

Ideologically indoctrinated israeli journalists think that sacrificing jews living in the ancient jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria will bring peace closer. It won't. It will however bring closer the siting of missiles on the hills overlooking the narrow waist of Israel, along the destruction of their homes in Tel-Aviv.

Tell israeli liberals sitting in their cafes on Dizengoff streeet in Tel-Aviv that and they'll think you're mad. Who says that people learn from history. They don't.

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