Monday, 22 April 2013

The Islamic World War, right on Israel's doorstep

And Israel is doing absolutely nothing about it ( although there has been a little rumbling about chemical weapons). Thank the Lord. Israel's policy has been the best, unlike that of the USA which as usual has backed the wrong side, which in this case is any side.

 Israel has understood that the pox is in both the arab houses, the rebels and the syrian government. The secular rebels might have stood a chance in the beginning, had the USA armed them and trained them, but president Obama channeled aid to the anti-Assad forces via islamist Turkey which starved the secular rebels of aid. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have also been arming the sunni islamists. It is believed that Obama has for the last few years had a deliberate policy of supporting Muslim Brotherhood states as a bulwark against Iran. This is a stupid policy, which means that there is no side in this conflict which is moderate, no grouping which the West could live with after the guns fall silent. On one side is Iran, and the other al Qaidah and Muslim Brotherhood influenced islamists.

Although the secular rebels hold some territory, it is the Al Nusrah and other islamist rebels who are doing the main fighting and taking the most territory. If Assad goes, the secular rebels will also go with him, just as happened to the mujahideen in Iran once they deposed the shah. There was an almighty slaughter of the secular mujahideen, students, journalistsand intellectual opponents of the ayatollahs.

So will anyone win in this war? That's still not seeming likely. Despite the best efforts of europe and the USA to bring the war to a close with a victory for the sunni islamists, Iran and its shiite brothers the alawites and Hezbollah have too much to lose and they know it.
 During the funeral of a Hezbollah fighter who was killed in Syria, a prominent Hezbollah party official addressed the mourners amid their confusion about the deaths that their sons are being driven to. The official defended Hezbollah's fighting alongside Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria and described it as a duty more important than any other. He described it as a fighting for existence as they are defending places that are important to the Shiite sect and that it is a pre-emptive strike for battles that may target the sect if the Assad regime falls.

 It is a battle for life or death. This is how it is presented.

As the rebels ramp up the pressure, so Iran and Hezbollah increase their activities. We don't know much about the iranians, but Hezbollah fighters are dying in droves.
 NOW also reported that a large number of corpses of Hezbollah militants who died in combat in Syria are at the Sheikh Ragheb Harb Hospital Nabatiyeh’s Jeb Sheet and that the Shiite group is burying them in installments in order not to draw attention to the growing phenomenon of Hezbollah deaths in Syria.
 Sunni jihadists are being sucked in from all over the world and Iran and Hezbollah are propping up the beleagured alawite rump regime in Damascus.

Hezbollah that was founded with the aim of destroying Israel is now bleeding steadily but surely, all at no cost to Israel. In their blood lust, their petty islamic doctrinal differences (yet so important in an intolerant religion like islam which brooks no room for doubt, no room to question any accepted precepts) the shia and sunni branches of islam are locked in conflict from Pakistan to Lebanon.

Israel just watches, and does nothing except lob the occasional Tammuz missile back in answer to fire from Syria. Ehud Barack is gone and Israel and the West's enemies now know that if Israel is attacked, to expect a response, every time, even if the response is still not adequate to bring  Hamas to stop the attacks. The odd missile which does no harm to Israelis might not seem too serious to some, but these are terror weapons. They terrorise, such as with the missile fired at Sderot on Lag Baomer, a jewish holiday. The kids had to abandon their bonfires and enter protected rooms. This is the childhood Hamas has given jewish kids for over ten years now.

This destruction of Israeli children's lives is no longer tolerable now that there is there a government in power which refuses to sacrifice Sderot and Netivot. When Hamas fires a missile at Israel there is a price to be paid. Thankfully the stupid bombing of open areas is finished with. It didn't put the  terrorists off but was utilised by world media to condemn Israel as the aggressor. Now Israel closes a crossing with Gaza in return for fire, just letting humanitarian aid through.

And if the message does not finally get home, if Gazans do continue to attack Israel, Israel should cease the delivery of electricity and even cut all links with Gaza. Israel owes the arabs of Gaza nothing, and under international law does not need to keep rescuing that Muslim Brotherhood islamist entity from itself. Gaza has more in common with Egypt than with Judea and Samaria. Muslim Brotherhood Egypt and the international community should be allowed to care for Gaza, if they wish.

 And if the terror still continues, assassinations were very effective, are effective in bringing the jihadists to book. Hamas must know that its leaders will be killed if israeli children can not enjoy sabbath or holiday games in the outside air. When missiles hit Sderot just as children are going or returning from school, those responsible for the attacks must be eliminated, just as the US does to al Qaida leaders.

Even whilst muslim radicals fight amongst themselves, they still have Israel and the West not too far in the back of their minds, which is why it is best for the West to sit back and let our enemies get on with their business in Syria. The islamist fanatics are killing each other, and might very well continue to do so for years.

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