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The latest islamist conspiracy theory: The FBI carried out the Boston bombings

Along with the 9/11 atrocity, this jihadist website wishes us to believe that fanatical muslims weren't responsible for the Boston bombing, that the two young chechniyan men were just innocents gunned down by US agents. 

You have to read the whole thing to get inside the conspiracy which interestingly enough was begun by a far right american website. Do islamists actually believe that US security forces blew up an american event? It is more likely that this is used for purposes of Taqiyya, the koranic islamic precept of deceiving the infidel when necessary by disowning responsibility, by throwing responsibility onto others, by denying what you believe in. And the islamists will always find their willing stooges such as Mrs Clinton who never tired of promoting islam as a 'religion of peace'. Maybe after repeating this lie often enough she began to believe it. Strangely enough Clinton never referred to christianity or judaism in such glowing terms.

But many muslims will swallow the conspiracy theories whole. Soon enough the jews will be brought into the conspiracy, and this will be the source of a new grievance against jews and the West, for making up allegations about muslims. 

It should be clear however that the West is under attack and that Obama has shackled the US security agencies by not allowing them to even use the term islamic terrorist, to profile potential terrorists and to track them in the mosques where they are indoctrinated on theway to becoming jihadist fighters and bombers. Indeed Obama thinks the USA should arm jihadists in Syria, in Turkey and Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood there has just taken delivery of 200 Abrams tanks and 20 more F16's to add to the 200 they already possess.

That the FBI failed even after having had this pair of jihadists delivered to them by the Russian secret service the FSB is an indictment not only upon the FBI but upon the policy of not investigating and suppressing the source of the terror in the madrassas and the mosques. 

The foolish indulgence of islamist fanatics of CAIR and the v in european has to end sometime, hopefully not after the war against the radicalization of muslims has been lost. 

Moderate islam is being extinguished by Saudi Arabia and its western stooges.

 Was it the FBI which bombed the Boston Marathon?
Publication time: 20 April 2013, 14:41
According to an American information portal Natural News, the Boston Marathon could have been blown up by an FBI affiliated American military organization "The Craft".

In an article dated April 19 and entitled "Total media blackout now under way on most likely suspects in Boston marathon bombing", the portal writes in particular:

"In a story that's almost as explosive as the actual bombing itself, the mainstream media is waging a total media blackout on the photos of "The Craft" private military operatives who were present at the Boston marathon bombing. and have published a multitude of photos which absolutely prove that numerous members of "The Craft" private military contractors were actively engaged in operations at the finish line of the marathon.

This is photographic proof. In real police work, it's called "evidence." But astonishingly, there is not a single mention of "The Craft" in any mainstream media outlet: not NYT, not Washington Post, not LA Times, etc. Not a single word.
This is quickly becoming the biggest media cover-up of all time.

A photo showing a backpack belonging to a member of "The Craft" is identical to the FBI promoted backpack of a Chechen with purported bomb inside


FBI now pushing a false script rather than pursuing real evidence.
The FBI is also deeply engaged in the cover-up, selectively choosing the publicize photos of the patsies who are scripted to take the fall.

As part of its cover-up, the FBI has announced "other photos will not be deemed credible."

Huh? The only photos that count are the ones you say count? How is that an "investigation?"

So even though we have a multitude of photos now showing at least ten men wearing combat uniforms, black backpacks and tactical gear, the FBI has no interest in these people! Even though we have already proven through photographic evidence that one of them is carrying a radiation detector and that nearly all of them are carrying black backpacks.
Reporter censored at press conference.
Dan Bidondi, an reporter based on the East Coast, attempted to show photos of "The Craft" operatives during a public press conference and was immediately censored by government agents holding up clipboards to block his photos.
Incredible! No photos from the event that are not selected by the FBI are allowed to be shown!
Click here to watch the video report.
It begs the question: What is so dangerous about these photos of "The Craft" that a nationwide media blackout is being waged?
If there's a simple, innocent explanation for all this, why would it be a problem to show the photos? Beware of any media outlet or government department that tells you "You can't see THESE photos. That's not allowed!"
We would like to note that seditious photos of the members of the FBI unit "The Craft" could be viewed at Natural News on the following link, without permission from the US federal government.

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