Saturday, 13 April 2013

Yom Hazikaron (Remembrance Day) followed by Independence Day

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu visits grave of his brother Yoni who fell rescuing hijacked jews in the Entebbe operation during Idi Amin's time

Jews and Israel have always longed for peace, but our enemies have never in our history allowed us that. This poignant song by Sarit Hadad doesn't glorify war, just laments the tragic necessity for Israelis to do their duty, to defend our nation in the land of our fathers from those who wish to destroy it. Israel is an optimistic country, that's why it's always willing to go yet another mile for peace with arabs whose only aim is to grab more territory, more concessions from Israel on the way to dismembering and destroying it.

Immediately after remembrance day comes the celebrations of Israel's independence, a miracle that renews itself constantly.

One day the world will celebrate Israel's contribution to the world, just as Israel is presently maligned with endless calumnies spread about it.

Ofra Haza of blessed memory left us many songs to remember her by. 

Israeli invention has changed the world, changed people's lives.

Only last week I found out that the life saving drug someone dear to me has been taking for some years was designed by an israeli jew. Before the drug came out the illness was a certain death sentence. No longer.

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