Monday, 15 July 2013

Aiming for the 'Great Satan'

The islamic terror state of Iran doesn't do anything by halves, so whilst it's developing the means to wipe Israel off the map, it is also developing its long arm, the one that can reach the USA.

Just as Britain's Neville Chamberlain refused to see what Hitler was doing, gave Hitler just that little bit more time to swallow some more territory, another country with "peace in our time", so the USA has for many years strong-armed Israel into postponing any attack to prevent Iran's nuclear program.

The USA has had great success in doing this, to the point where it is questionable that Israel can any longer act alone to destroy the iranian nuclear program or at least its weapons component,  if it uses conventional forces. Iran is just too big, has been allowed to advance too far, to amass too much nuclear material and know how to be stopped by a tiny country of 7 million people.

Israel now has to hope that Iran is not mad enough to attack it, something which is not a given with a country run by a shia who believes in the "hidden Mahdi", whose return will be amidst a world conflagration, who believes that shia islam will soon take over the world.

So it must be very comforting for americans to also find out that Iran is developing a program just for them. ICBM's which can reach the USA are in development.  Surely it's not beyond Iran's capabilities to tip twenty or thirty of them with nuclear warheads?

And if Just three of them get through, we can say goodbye to New York, Washington and........... well how about Chicago, or Detroit, or Philadelphia. Maybe all of them.

Whilst the USA has been 'nation building' in Afghanistan and Iraq, promoting extremist islam throughout the arab world, and helping to bring Al Qaidah to the fore in north africa with the crazy toppling of Ghadaffi, the Iranians have been busy developing an existential threat not just for Israel, but for the USA.

It's almost too late, but don't worry, Mr Kerry has now visited Israel 6 times in the last few weeks to bully Israel into giving genocidal arabs more territory with which to attack Israel from.

Obama's USA at least knows where its priorities lie.

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