Sunday, 14 July 2013

Where's the quid pro quo?

Israel has been asked many times by Egypt to suspend the clause in the Peace Treaty disallowing heavy armour into the border areas. Each time a request came in, Israel has acceded to that request, and the troops, the weapons, the armour  has poured in over the last few years.

Egypt might be fighting with Al Qaida in the Sinai desert at the moment, but all that armour and battalions of men and aircraft which sometimes just happen to stray into Israeli territory will remain on the border of Israel, a long-term threat to Israel's security.

Is it too much for Israel's leaders to ask at the very least for Egypt to give permission to Israel to pursue terrorists such as those who target Eilat with missiles every now and again from the safety of the egyptian Sinai desert  to be be subject to a new amendment to the peace treaty, of a 'hot pursuit' clause, such as that applied in europe's Shengen area?

We already know the answer to that one.

Israel is always expected to make concessions, to sacrifice its security.

How dare Israel expect anything in return?

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