Thursday, 4 July 2013

Egypt's woes reflect a region in turmoil

He bows, scrapes and arms wahabite slavers and enemies of the West, and pressures Israel to sacrifice its security
What interesting times we live in. Had the american people not voted an anti-western and evil man into power for the second time, the middle east might not have seen such turbulence. As always with Israel's enemies, Obama's plans have yet again been frustrated. Whilst Mr Kerry has been stomping on Netanyahu's head, trying to get Israel to give away the family silver in exchange for a promise by palestinian arab terrorist Abbas to sit down and talk, the arab world has been eating its heart out, literally.

Kerry might yet be persuaded that the wider arab world has moved on from the troublesome and self-destructive palestinian arabs, but his boss certainly won't give up on his dream to cut tiny Israel even further down to size. A ten mile width border overlooked by hostile arabs with tanks and manpads to shoot up israeli planes on the tarmac is what Obama is about.

Whilst Obama has his hand on his heart promising Israel's security and helping fund a missile system that will be out of date in a few years, he has been plying all the arab countries around with armaments, stuffing Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, not to mention islamist Turkey with american arms and know how, arms developed and updated with Israeli help. Secrets Israel gives the USA find their way into arab hands all the better to destroy it.

But as with Hezbollah now fighting for it and Assad's lives in Syria, all those arms may yet be used to destroy arab dreams rather than Israel.

Still while Obama has his eye on Israel, but if Obama casts his eye around, he will see that everywhere he has meddled, his plans have come unstuck.

And now Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood West hating islamist fanatical government has been deposed, and we are all waiting to see whether Friday prayers in Cairo will finish with an outburst of violence to rival that in Syria. It may happen but the Muslim Brotherhood will be fighting in a different terrain. They have no Russia, Iran or Hezbollah to help them, and the few Hamas terrorists who were shooting at unarmed protesters have been arrested inside the MB HQ.

The Muslim Brotherhood does not look able to wage war against the egyptian army at present, although with the Libyan hinterland chock full of weapons controlled by Al Qaidah this could change. But as long as the egyptian army remains loyal (which is very possibly the case as Morsy acted in too much haste, unlike islamist Erdogan in Turkey), infiltration from Libya will run along a killing zone hundreds of miles long, a zone where the egyptian air force would make mincemeat of supply convoys to any rebels in Egypt.

Of course western media and governments are already coming out with their slanted news and condemnations of the overthrow of a democratic government. Where were the condemnations of the steady massacres of copts in Egypt? Democracy does not mean that minorities should be ethnically cleanzed from their countries, that the indigenous coptic people should give up their lives or their land because of western fallacies about democracy. Hitler was also democratically elected, and the islamist government of Morsy was no less evil, intending to attack Israel as soon as possible (the economic collapse put the brakes on his talk about 'changing' the peace treaty with Israel). Of course western media was not interested in Morsy's saying 'amen' to a sermon calling for the destruction of jews, or of Morsy's calling for jihad before his election. Western media was likewise not interested in Morsy's rant about teaching children and grandchildren to hate 'the descendants of apes and pigs' i.e. jews.

Is it good that Morsy has been overthrown? I'm actually not in favor of this, as the egyptian economy is in dire straits, and is possibly not able to be fixed. Whoever takes power now is going to be blamed for the slow starvation of Egypt's people. Morsy would have otherwise have taken the blame for the collapse. As it is the Muslim Brotherhood has actually been saved, either to fight another day, or to fight now.

Whatever happens, the news for those who love western civilization and Israel rather than hate them is not too bad.  Syria is burning and will continue to burn, possibly for years as neither shia or sunni can afford to back down. Turkey is heading for the rocks with tourism set to decline, with hot money propping up the turkish economy, and with a people that is heartily sick of the islamist police state.

How different things look now from only a couple of years ago. After Turkey provoked the Gaza crisis with its proxy IHH terror 'charity' thugs the fear was of an islamic coalition in the region which could prepare another 1973 like attack on Israel, or just squeeze it on all sides with asymetric warfare.

It shows that, where Israel is concerned we need faith, that all will be well, that a power greater than the West's enemies is protecting this outpost of western civilization.

My faith is however a little stretched by the case of Iran. Israel has been held back so long by Obama that it is now possibly too late to  prevent that country from getting nuclear weapons. Iran is however a country that has major pockets of instability, from the kurds and azeris in the north, to the arabs in the south. Iran is also now getting ever more committed into Syria, although it seems that Iraqi shia are losing their lives in Syria more than iranian nationals at the moment.

So maybe we can hold onto our faith. The islamic forces of darkness are first and foremost a threat to themselves.

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