Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Boston bombing was preventable but for willful blindness as to islamic terror

In the wake of the Boston terrorist massacre Tsarnaev has been linked to three earlier murders. Had the police done their job then, the islamist killers woiuld not have later gone on to commit a further massacre.

Were the police just lazy, stupid, or were they mentally bound by the prohibition against profiling anyone, against the FBI teaching about islamic thought and the way some muslims go about their grizly business.

Okay these jewish people were not society's best, they were dealers in soft drugs at least, and that is one reason that police may have been less interested than usual in investigating their deaths. But a mass killing in such a strange manner might have elicited some interest from the police?

That the killer or killers did not shoot the victims, but slaughtered them all in the same manner by cutting their throats should have immediately aroused suspicion by a trained investigator that this was possibly committed by a muslim. This method of killing is ordered in the Qur'an, "strike at their necks", is the way muslims kill animals,  and is seen in every theatre of war that muslim terrorists are able to take prisoners.

But for politically correct training the link would have been naturally made between the method of killing, the date it happened and newly religious Tsarnaev. He could have been taken out of circulation.

But the priority nowadays for police enforcement in the West is not to catch killers prior to their acts, but to avoid racially profiling, or any other sort of profiling. Just as all passengers including the very old must be harassed at airports, so too with regards to privacy.  With PRISM we see nobody has privacy any more, everyone is targeted, which means that the criminals slip through the net. It is impossible for such a system to work, and USA authorities are unable to give any examples of where it has actually worked. Even if they bring up a dozen such cases, will that justify the expense, the theft of all our private data?

Lives are being lost because the White House is in thrall to muslim fundamentalists who promote the idea that to profile killers who act according to an evil creed is somehow 'racist.' Islam is not however a race, but a religion with some very problematic verses in its founding document, verses that call for the killing of apostates, of homosexuals, of non-believers. 

Is someone kills in the name of islam, it is madness not to study how he thinks and how he operates in the name of his religion. Yet that is exactly what Obama has forced USA security forces to do.

To ignore terror in islam's name, to force the retirement of FBI agents who taught about the relevance of islam to some killings, who taught agents how to discover plots hatched in the name of islam will inevitably lead to more killings such as in Fort Hood and Boston. This is not as some would have it in the politically correct lobby, a call to discriminate against muslims. Muslims suffer more than anyone from terror perpetrated in the name of islam and like us all need protection, muslims, jews and christians.

Obama has opened us all up to attack from the islamist terror which is commited in the name of islam.

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