Friday, 12 July 2013

Egypt, loyal christians and muslims contrasted with Neturei Karta thugs, and 5 year olds

This week the egyptian people took back their country from Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood. It has been yet another foreign policy disaster for the USA which had sided with anti-western fanatics intent on enslaving the middle-east under the banner of a rabid political islam which constantly reiterates its genocidal intentions for jews and christians in the region.

So Obama got his slap in the face, after Syria gave him a previous one some months ago when it broke Obama's 'red line' with impunity. Obama's belated response was to announce that he would arm the rebels. Since this has been happening in any case via Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Assad had little to lose.

America's stock in the region is at rock bottom (and in the wider world, especially the far east where China is militarizing the seas between Taiwan, the Philippines and Japan (the 'South China Sea'), and rapidly destroying any dreams Tibetans may have had to independence one day ( through massive programs of land seizures, transfers of its own ethnic chinese population and forced relocations of the Tibetan population).

The egyptian generals knew they had little to fear from an ignorant USA that has for years been backing the so-called 'democrats' of the MB. The MB are of course fanatics vehemently opposed to democracy in any shape or form unless like with Hamas the Brotherhood offshoot, it is to be elected on a one off basis, to govern forever.

American threats are so much hot air, and Obama can not even bring himself to have the courage of his own warped convictions and declare the coup for what it is. Albeit a popular coup it was still a military coup after 10 million people took to the streets calling for Morsy's ousting.

The irony of the situation is that although the MB have been knocked off their perch after all their actions to undermine the secular character of Egypt, Morsy's replacement himself wants a constitution based on shariah law. Hopefully he won't be imprisoning as many people as Morsy was doing, for the crime of 'insulting the president.'

The MB and the salafists are threatening a civil war but as long as the army does not join them they have little chance of bringing it off. The hunger of the last few months, the collapse of the economy, the queues for petrol, and the inability to afford even the most basic of necessities means that the MB have lost credence where it matters, in the ability to provide food for the people.

Saudi Arabia has this week stepped in to provide massive loans which will prop up the egyptian economy but whether even Saudi Arabia can provide the billions needed to prop up the egyptian economy indefinitely remains to be seen.

Should civil war break out, and should women continue to be harassed and raped whenever they set foot out of doors then the tourists won't return, and Egypt will continue to wither.

As far as Israel goes this week has seen the double phenomen of traitorous Haredi jews who paint palestinian flags on the walls of their community and attack soldiers in Meah Shearim, contrasted with more rumblings in the arab minority community, not against the State, but against the fifth column amongst them.
The Raed Salehs and the arab parliamentarians such as Zoabi. Zoabi had the cheek to call for the dismissal of a Greek orthodox monk Gabriel Naddaf who has supported voluntary enlistment of Israel's christians into the army. 
This latest of provocations by Zoabi added to a long list such as being present on the Mavi Marmara to morally support the IHH attack on Israeli soldiers elicited not only a response from other israeli parliamentarians, but from a young christian teenager.

 Raghda Gracie was scathing in the attack on Zoabi and other traitors who try to paint Israeli arabs as 'palestinians', saying that if people like Zoabi feel they are palestinian they should go live with them.  Raghda Gracie is not palestinian, or arab, but Israeli!
Haneen Zoabi has no right to speak in our name; we are Christians and not Palestinians. We were born in the State of Israel, which existed before we were born and I call on Zoabi stop speaking in our name as Arabs, Palestinians.
Another teenager Naradin Tuma has a similar message for anti-Israel MPs who sit in Israel's parliament taking fat salaries and allowances.
Israel is finally understanding that its minorities who want to show their loyalty to Israel must be supported. The more support they are given, the more that christians and muslims who now more than ever look around the middle-east and see what is happening in other countries, will breathe their sigh of relief and happily give their loyalty to Israel.

The arab maelstrom is having another spin off benefit to Israel. It is finally bringing home to Israelis who are not jews, just what a blessing Israeli democracy is for all its citizens.

Israel must learn the lesson of Obama, to not give in to his threats, his cajolings or his bribes. Yehudah and Shomron must be settled until our foes realize jews are back in their homelands the arabs threw them out of in the 1930's to stay. Arabs will slowly understand that, with time, as long as no more Olmerts and Ehud Baracks come along.

There was also the attempt by Btselem to show just how anti-Israel that organization is, a tool of propaganda for Israel's enemies. A 5 year old boy was caught throwing rocks at Israelis. Soldiers, without laying a hand on him made him wait until his father appeared and then handed them both over to palestinian police, who promptly released them.

Btselem is outraged that the soldiers frightened the child! Poor Adele Biton who is 3 years old will never have the opportunities that this palestinian arab child will have, because a rock hit her a few months ago and she is brain damaged. It is her that Btselem should have sympathy for, but as always with victims of arab terror there is none forthcoming.

Soldiers should have social workers attached to them to take rioting children who are out of control into care. Either that or detain the parents and fine or imprison them, or expel them to Gaza. Our arab enemies know the rules, and will always do what they can get away with. They must learn that there is a cost to their aggression or they will continue with their attacks, over 5,000 of them in the last six months.

Shabbat shalom, have a nice weekend.

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