Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What do we do with the Neturei Karta nutters?

 This miniscule Neturei Karta group manages to grab the attention of the media wherever they go. Because they are the archetypal looking jew, the ones antisemites salivate over yet they are anti-Israel, and in my mind antisemites. They hate me and anyone else who doesn't  subscribe to the fanatical rejection of Israel. They are vociferous in London, New York and Israel in their hatred of the Jewish State of Israel for obscure theological reasons and are sure to turn up and support arab demonstrations.

Of course they are especially angry at this moment in time as for many years they have been used to having their yeshivas or talmudical colleges subsidised by the Israeli government, their large families sponsored by the hard working israeli tax payer. And now the money is drying up as Israel has passed a law demanding that all its citizens join the army, not just the secular and the orthodox, but the extreme charedim.

This week NK went too far. They abused and beat up a charedi soldier in Mea Shearim for having the temerity to walk wearing his uniform in the neighborhood. 

How can it be that these people have so lost the plot? Do they not know whom they consort with, that the Palestinian Authority thugs have killed and injured many thousands of their fellow jews over very many years, and often in the very cruellest fashion, that the muslim world carries out a constant genocidal incitement against jews per se rather than Israel? 

Do they really have no conscience, no love for their own people just a week before the fast of Av?

They might do well to reflect on the fact that the Second Temple is reputed to have been destroyed because of the sin of hating fellow jews for no reason. Are they even able in their fanatacism to reflect on this?

They are unable to reflect on the fact that nowhere else in the world would a mob of Neturei Karta pull such a stunt. They would not dream of beating up a British soldier even if he came down the street bedecked in israeli flags and singing the Hatiqvah.

The Neturei Karta as with other chareidi violent youth are cowards cut from the same cloth as their forebears in europe who meekly took their beatings and pogroms with prayers on their lips. Only in the Jewish State dare charedim  use violence on their fellow jews, because they know they can get away with it.

It is time for the israeli police to turf these these hooligans out of their yeshivah in Nahum Ish Gamzo Street and establish a border police station there. There is enough violence directed at Israel from all sides without having another fifth column in the country. Not that I believe there is the slightest chance of that happening in all too politically correct Israel where arabs, jews and anyone else with a grudge or a grievance can riot and maim their fellow man until the cows come home.

As a commander recently said in Judea and Samaria in the face of violent arab riots, "I prefer my soldiers to end up in hospital rather than in court." Unbelievable, but true. Why else would British, American and other assorted youth fresh out of their courses in anti-Israel indoctrination and general hatred of western civilization courses go directly to the ancient jewish homelands? Because they are safe for trouble makers, unlike Georgia (the one next to Chechniya), or Turkey, or Darfur or Syria............ These nasty kiddies of the ISM spend their holidays frustrating the IDF trying to keep the peace in Yesha, and will spend hour after hour haranguing soldiers who themselves would rather be playing football or studying.

Only when Israel has its back to the wall can it fight its enemies properly.

The NK thugs are symptomatic of an Israel that is humane, that wishes nobody any harm, only wishing to be loved or at least left to get on with its life, so unsure of itself in a world which stands ever ready to throw its own rocks at this tiny state for daring to ever protect itself. But even now whilst the arab world is burning, Obama's stooge Kerry is busy threatening and cajoling Israel to give up on its security, to give in to arab salami slicing of Israel

The Netura Karta criminals can celebrate, Israel does not have the will to deal with them, just as the jews of Yehuda and Shomon must reckon with having another martyr made by arabs from time to time because most checkpoints were removed to help the arab economy.

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