Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lebanese come knocking on Assad's door whilst syrians get treated at the new 'good fence'

Western media has always been ready to massage the public image of arab dictators

In this report of the untimely demise of Assad's top thug in Lebanon, “Mohammad Jemo, a Syrian Baath Party official and staunch supporter of President Bashar Assad ”, we don't actually get to read about just what his job was, but it's not hard to guess.

His daughter seems quite upset, for herself of course.

"Where are you dad? Who else is going to pamper me now?" Fatmeh cried.

Just as the girl is obsessed with herself rather than daddy, her dad had his own narcissistic pastime, described by the news website as a “passion for photography:”
Jemo was known for his passion for photography. Pictures of him with Assad as well as with several Lebanese leaders, including Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Free Patriotic Movement head Michel Aoun, were hanging on the wall of the sitting room.
The Assad regime has terrorized Lebanon for 40 years, not to mention the terrible crimes it has committed against the Israeli people during that time through the various terrorist proxies it controlled. I can't have any sympathy for this parasitic family that lived off the misery of Lebanese people, blew up lebanese politicians and their prime minister Rafiq Hariri, and was most likely deeply involved in organising the terror committed against Israel by the syrian/iranian proxy Hezbollah.

The dead Baathist thug's wife said that, “her husband had visited Syria very frequently and:
 "Oh I wish he’d stayed there."
Maybe she's unaware that Syria itself is having a few problems at the moment?

Bashar Assad's wife, Asma el Assad, the 'Desert Rose'of Vogue magazine is obviously thinking similar thoughts about why she left London to become a mass murderer's wife (even before the Arab Spring the Assads were known for the brutality of their regime, their secret mukhabarrat prisons where political detainees were never seen again).

Our dear  'Desert Rose' (original article scrubbed from internet but still available here ) it may be remembered cried buckets of crocodile tears over the 'poor palestinians', of' 800 dead (most of them Hamas terrorists who never wear  uniform when attacking Israelis), and 22,000 displaced', just before the reality of the regime she married into became known'. Since then Asma has strangely lost her voice for the genuinely weak and dispossessed.
Asma has no words to comfort those beaten to death by her regime's troops (not that the opposition are any kinder to syrian soldiers they catch. Youtube is full of video of prisoners of both sides being beaten to death)

I can't help smiling when watching the (full) Asma el Assad video, seeing her tripping up on those lines she's been so carefully been primed to say.

Whether the Assads finally get the Ghadaffi treatment, Syria's war has as I predicted before, now come to Lebanon. 
The war in Syria, as if any further proof was needed, has come to Lebanon – not just on its borders or in remote rural areas, but throughout the country, from the capital to any given place, on any given day.
Those who spend their lives hating and attacking Israel are constantly reminded that their works will be frustrated. Many of these people are even now queuing up at the border on the Golan Heights for medical treatment from the 'Little Satan'.

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