Monday, 29 October 2012

Catholic turkeys voting for the arab islamic christmas

Throughout the middle-east and islamic world christians are being persecuted, attacked injured, killed and even executed for 'blasphemy'. This has everything to do with islamic intolerance and nothing to do with the arab-Israel conflict (the conflict between 'palestinians' and Israel is an artificial construct). Catholic clerics in their recent confab in the Vatican continue to betray their constituents by preferring to always direct the spotlight on the Arab-Israeli conflict rather than use their offices to publicise the woes of suffering christians. Indeed the only country that regularly gets lambasted by catholic news organs is Israel, the one place where christians have full rights. Christians in Israel are welcome and protected by discrimination laws, as are muslims, and all adherents of recognised religions, as being part of the religious fabric of the country. Israel has the only christian community in the region that is increasing in number.
 ........during a meeting of the Patriarchs, Cardinals and Bishops during the works of the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization being held at the Vatican... attended, among others by Cardinals Timothy Dolan, Leonardo Sandri, Louis Tauran and P├Ęter Erdo ......stressed that, at the base of the tensions and divisions in the Middle East, there is “the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Arab-Israeli conflict“, in relation to which the international community is called to favor the implementation of internationally legitimized resolutions."  (Agenzia Fides 18/10/2012)
 I find it difficult to understand how the Vatican can continue to sing from an arab hymnsheet devoted to the destruction of Israel and having no bearing on the problems of christians in the arab-islamic world. The clerics bring Israel into the equation when this old and worn equation is patently false, belied by current events. We have the examples of christian persecution in Gaza by the various factions under the leadership of Hamas, the current ethnic cleansing kidnappings and forced conversions of copts in Egypt, the all but complete expulsion of Iraq's christian community of around a million souls and now the beginnings of the ethnic cleansing of christians from Syria. The last few days have seen two terror attacks against christians in Syria :
 A car bomb exploded this morning in front of the only Syrian Orthodox Church in the town of Deir Ezzor in eastern Syria, damaging it severely. According to local sources, the victims of the attack are five people who were in a restaurant near the church.
The body of the Greek-Orthodox priest Fr. Fadi Jamil Haddad, pastor of the church of St. Elias in Qatana, was found today in the Jaramana neighborhood (north of Damascus) not far from the place where he was kidnapped, on October 19, by unidentified armed group
The Vatican which still has possibly the best intelligence service in the world, with a priest in thousands of towns and villages throughout the middle-east reporting back to their superiors on unfolding events knows better than any just how bad the situation is becoming for christians in the region and sometimes reports about attacks on the official Vatican website Fides as above.

That only this week a priest was murdered in Syria and a church was bombed doesn't account for much in western media. No reports are seen in the media, no are any strong representations made by the Vatican to western governments or the USA who along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia are funding the islamist rebels. They are training and arming them through the good offices of islamist Turkey. There is much that could be done by christian representatives to bring western pressure to bear but isn't.

When all the christian communities are gone from the middle-east by the end of this century (bar that hated jewish State of Israel) the descendants of those christian communities forced into exile in the west will wonder how it could happen in almost total silence from the established Catholic and Protestant Churches.
Yet it happened in the 1950's to the jews of arab lands without so much as a peep from countries of the world or of any christian community. What was it that Pastor Niemoller said about 'first coming for the jews.......?' The Copts were only too happy to see the back of the jewish community in Egypt, and now it is happening to them, all whilst the world still applauds the 'moderate' Muslim Brotherhood.

Christians are fleeing arab countries yet the Patriarchs, Cardinals and Bishops of the 'New Evangelization' at the Vatican continue to focus on Israel.

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