Sunday, 28 October 2012

Making Israel look blameworthy for arab missile attacks on it

You won't see it elsewhere, but 16 rockets fell overnight in Israel. The mass media only reports that rockets fell when Israel retaliates. So until Israel responds don't expect the likes of the BBC or Reuters to be interested in the regular rain of rockets on Israel.
When Israel responds we of course we get headlines such as the typical putting of the cart before the horse:
'Israeli airstrike kills Gaza militant'
Gaza City, Palestinian Territories, October 28, 2012
An Israeli airstrike on the Gaza Strip killed a Hamas militant and wounded another early on Sunday, after they fired mortar shells at Israeli tanks on an incursion near the southern town of Khan Younes, Palestinian medics and eyewitnesses told AFP.
The intention of course is to appear to show that AFP is being unbiased by reporting what happened whilst hiving off the blame onto Israel. The headline makes it look as if Israel is to blame by only mentioning initially that Israel killed a terrorist. It is only those readers who read beyond the headline will find out that Hamas fired first at Israel.

But most readers won't read beyond the initial headline so they will never know that Israel was only responding to another one of thousands of unprovoked and indiscriminate missile attacks on its towns and cities. In any case the initial impression is what counts. The western mass media is as much the problem as are muslim terrorists. They select and distort so that those who commit barbaric acts against the west are whitewashed and those such as Israel which is in the front line of defending western civilisation is maligned at every turn. No journalistic trick is missed in this effort to promote the lie of palestinian arabs being the victims rather than the aggressors in this conflict, part of the wider islamist attack against the West.

It's interesting that the Hindustan Times is always eager to promote anti-Israel stories. Hindus are themselves beset by militant muslims who would exterminate them almost as happily as they would jews. Yet this media outlet has no understanding of Israel's problems allying its editorial policy with Israel's enemies. This latest barbaric act of muslim arabs against Israel could not arouse any human sympathy with the indian editor, who inserted this AFP story without changing the headline to reflect the reality.

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