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Peddling the lie that Egypt won the Yom Kippur War. Who cares?

Mohammed Haikel wrote a book about how Egypt 'almost' won the 1973 war. No Egyptian who speaks only arabic will have a clue that Egypt lost that war soundly, and was on its knees begging for Israel not to destroy its 2nd and 3rd armies surrounded in Sinai. This was whilst Ariel Sharon's troops were advancing everywhere on the West Bank of the Suez. There were no Egyptian forces between Sharon and Cairo. 

Now al Ahram deceptively talks about the victory on the first day of the war, forgetting that wars are not won on the first day, or Hitler might still be making his speeches from the Kremlin or Westminster Parliament! Surely al Ahram's readers aren't so gullible? Or are they just so eaten up by hate of Israel that they read what they want to read without bringing their grey cells into play?

As ever the USA intervened to stop an arab country being humiliated. One must never allow humiliation of arabs who kill jews and wish to destroy Israel. Time and again the USA has stopped Israel from delivering the coup de grace.

So what you ask, a bit of humanity doesn't harm?

Ordinarily yes, but as we saw with Germany in World War I, not in the arab world. Humanity doesn't exist there and it is not understood. Humanity is interpreted as a sign of weakness, allowing a repeat performance at a later date. 

Leaving the German army intact on its borders along with its imperialstic ambitions, with generals in charge who still had dreams of the Greater German Reich, allowed the scene for World War II to be set. The lie of the 'Dolchstoss', the Jewish 'stab in the back' by the Labour Ebert government which signed the Peace of Versailles allowed germans to believe that their dream of an empire and hegemony in europe had been stolen from them (The conditions of Versailles did not lead to WWII. Although its harsh conditions might have contributed to their wish for another attempt at achieving what they couldn't in WWI, German racism and imperialism were the solid foundations of the Second World War. As far as the Holocaust went, slavery and genocide was a theory that had been developed and practised already before WWI in Namibia on the Herero tribe).

The allies understanding the reasons for the German wars since Frederick The Great and Bismark knew that the German 'Total War' of WWII had to end in total defeat. An unconditional surrender was the only option offered by the allies. The Germans themselves had to be defeated and be seen by their own people to have been defeated in such a manner that no new Hitler could  come along and whip germans up for a new round of war and destruction. No German can fail to notice the odd building in Hamburg, Dresden or Berlin that was not destroyed. Those cities have few old buildings. Germany's defeat is written in stone and can not be denied (unlike the Holocaust of which Iran is the leading denier nowadays). After WWII no German family was complete. They had all lost someonethey loved in the war.

Germans had to themselves lose millions of people in war and destruction before they lost their appetite for 'glorious' war. Whilst German armies were marching forwards in the early days Germans had cheered on their armies not caring about the death and destruction delivered in europe. The german genocidal wish to kill, conquer and to expand needed to be driven out of them and it was through army losses and allied 1,000 bomber raids night after night. German armies had dealt out terror and Germany needed to taste the terror of war before they would learn to loathe it. 

And that is why the Germans are the world's most pacific people today. Germans hate war, any war, even a just one to protect yourself. That's good as there is something about that part of the world. If you read about the witch burnings of past centuries, you will notice that it was in Germany and Poland of the 16th and 17th centuries where most witch burning massacres of unfortunate women took place.

Arabs are no less possessed of a genocidal wish, with the honorable exception of Maikel Nabil and some others, to kill jews and destroy the State of Israel. And the Muslim Brotherhood and its like minded confederates the Salafists look forwards to establishing their caliphate throughout the middle east, if not the world. Memri and Palwatch sites which translate media from the arab and muslim world are chock full of examples of the worst anti-semitic theories and beliefs and of genocidal statements by muslim leaders, clerics and opinion formers.

There is a deep desire sourced in the Koran to kill jews when they can't be oppreseed and subjugated. Even before Israel's inception the cry went out in arab countries to kill jews. And their has been throughout the last hundred years constant war and terror waged against Israel, not because of anything has supposedly done to arabs but out of a wish to destroy that country. This wish is usually tinged with a belief that the islamic caliphate can only arise once Israel is destroyed.

And in arab media arab armies win their wars against Israel. When arab countries continue to 'win' their wars however, their peoples just like 1930's Germans in europe, can't understand why Israel is still in being? Surely the only answer is to have another war and finally get 'justice' for themselves? According to their way of thinking, if Israel keeps losing its wars, it can only be the USA and corrupt rulers that are responsible for keeping Israel alive. Which means there will be another round, and another, and Israel and the West, especially Israel as it is on the front line, will never get any peace from islamic imperialism, wars and associated terror.

Israel should have ignored US pleas in 1973 not to finish the Yom Kippur War decisively. Israel's forbearance and reluctance to kill its enemies who were defeated but would not surrender have now rebounded on it with the election of bitter foes of western civilization to power in Egypt. 
Israel's humanity in sending water and food through to the egyptian armies did not lead to the peace agreement, but to the coming war which Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is determined to wage against it. 

The constant refrain from Egypt is to tear up the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty which Israel paid for with the whole of the Sinai desert, with its gas and oil fields discovered by Israel and its Israeli developed tourist areas of Sharm el Sheikh and Nuweiba.

But the MB is not interested in its economy. It has let the oil pipeline be destroyed by terrorists losing billions of dollars that it can't afford to lose so that it could renege on a supply agreement with Israel. That Jordan which received gas from the same pipeline also suffers is not important. Egypt is going around the IMF and europe and the arab world to get crumbs when it has oil and gas lying under the ground, if only it would deliver it to Israel. That it will not do, but instead allows terror to thrive in Sinai.

In the coming war Israel must learn the lessons of history. Only a war in which the lesson are 100% clear, where the enemy suffers the penalty for its aggression, will Israel have peace and be safe. The arab world often solves its problems by making war on Israel, and an unacceptable cost of so doing will be the only reason that future aggressors will be deterred.

Israel should let it be known that in any future war against it by Egypt the Sinai will be forever forfeit (It was never Egyptian, only being acquired last century as a gift by Britain in its dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire), and that the Aswan dam will be destroyed. If Israel decides to fight the islamists on their own terms, even Egyptian islamists will have pause for thought. Unlike Iran with its nuclear program, they can't put the dam and its water safely underground. By this one stated intention (not necessarily public but it can be made through diplomatic and media channels) Israel's enemies will be deterred and the coming war avoided. 

Blogger Maikel Nabil brands military 'martyrs' 'killers' on 1973 war anniversary
Anti-military Egyptian activist Maikel Nabil says soldiers killed in wars should not be commemorated in controversial tweet on anniversary of 6 October War with Israel
Ahram Online, Saturday 6 Oct 2012
Maikel Nabil
Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil
"The soldier who dies in war is not a martyr," Nabil said on the micro-blogging website, "he is just a potential killer who is out to put down people he does not know. No commemoration for killers."

On 6 October 1973, the Egyptian army defeated its Israeli counterpart, an achievement which later instigated the liberation of the Sinai ‎Peninsula that had been occupied by Israel for six years.

Every year, Egyptians ‎commemorate the day, which is considered to be an  important historic victory.

Nabil is renowned for his criticism of the Egyptian military and positive stance on Israel.
He was arrested in March 2011 and jailed for 10 months on charges of insulting the armed forces after writing a blog post entitled “The army and the people were never one hand,” one month after the military junta assumed power.
Nabil, who strongly opposed the interim military rule, was initially handed a sentence of three years in prison, which was reduced to two years following a retrial.
He went on hunger strike in August 2011, consuming only juice and milk. This escalated on 18 December when he refused all forms of nourishment before ending his strike on 31 December.
Nabil was freed just ahead of the January 25 Revolution’s first anniversary after former field marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi absolved him.

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