Monday, 22 October 2012

When discussing anti-Christian sentiment, forget arab ethnic cleansing and lambast the Jews

Rimsha Masih arrested and her family along with 600 christians driven out of their village in Pakistan for 'blasphemy'

When Franciscans talk about their problems it makes them so much happier to identify the Jew as the cause of persecution of christians. As far as the muslim world goes these clerics neither hear, see or speak about the real crimes being committed against christians.

Of course in every country you have bigots who don't wish to see religious plurality. Thankfully in Israel religious toleration is ovewhelmingly the case and christians are made to feel welcome, especially when they come with love rather than hate in their hearts. In Israel the christian community is free and is increasing in number, the only such place anywhere in the middle east or the muslim world.

This interviewer a Christophe Lafontaine does not have any such love for jews or Israel. He unwittingly explains the anti-semitic mindset of his Catholic Order by the following:

anti-Christian sentiment (the tearing of the New Testament by an Israeli governmental official, graffiti on your Monasteries, and arson at the Monastery of Latrun …)  has shaken the Christian community in the Holy Land”

The supposed "anti-christian" sentiment is juxtaposed with “Israeli”, and then with anti-christian actions that are attributed to israelis, or even better for haters of Israel, “settlers.” The blame for hatred of christians and attacks on them is placed foursquare on Israelis, as with the term 'zionist' the nowadays euphemism for jews. I have analysed thearson and the daubing and explained why there was a low possibility that an Israeli actually committed either outrage.

The interviewer does not mention that the tearing of a New Testament was done by one member of Knesset, not a government official. One amongst 120 members of the Israeli parliament who was sent unsolicited the text. It is not to defend the man's inexcusable actions, but those who condemn the making of a film which upset muslims, will never think about the upset caused to a religious jew, to receive the christian text that led to so much suffering of jews, of millions killed over the ages. Anyone who has read John or Mathew will understand that a religious jew will be upset to receive a text promoting the blaming of jews for killing the christian god which if it did not actually invent anti-semitism, was responsible for its propagation throughout the world. Priests of the Latin Patriarchate nowadays do their little bit to keep the fire of hatred alive.
So the MK was reprehensible, but no less was the group which provocatively sent this text unsolicited.

Even if jews did commit the attacks of arson and daubing, why among four non-violent examples of “anti-Christian sentiment” no violent attacks mentioned. Why indeed was the very violent attack, one in a series which hospitalised a christian recently not mentioned by the interviewer?
Of course it is because the violent attack was not committed by jews but muslims, a gang of 50 of them. It's so much more pleasant to self-censor regarding arab muslim outrages and atrocities towards christians and only lambast Jews.
Whatever well meaning popes might wish for, little changes in the Catholic Church when it comes to priests propagating the old hatreds for the Jewish People.
“The creation of an anti-blasphemy law is a good idea, but I ask that this be done at the international level through the United Nations. I think we need a clear law that requires respect for religions with sanctions against those who desecrate religious shrines and others that disrespect religious symbols. A law without sanctions is a law that is not enforced.”
It's interesting that Bishop William Shomali, Patriarchal Vicar for Jerusalem is in favour of blasphemy laws. One must ask oneself, has this catholic bishop not heard of what muslims do with blasphemy laws, that persecution of christians inevitably follows? Even young girls such as Rimsha Masih suffer. How lucky for the intolerant Bishop that he lives in the free society of Israel where priests can demonise jews and Israel at no cost whilst calling for the implementation of blasphemy laws.

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