Monday, 29 October 2012

The USA crawls on its belly to Omar al Bashir of Sudan in the wake of the bombing

Only a few days ago I wrote about the pervasive sickness in the american administration, its security organs and the CIA in the sacrificing of an american ambassador (admittedly no better candidate existed, a man who learned his trade in doing down his country in the US Peace Corps [not too long ago I had the unpleasant opportunity to hear at first hand just how deep the rot has infected these types sent abroad to represent their nation yet who could only speak ill of their magnificent country the USA, the country on which the world still depends for peace and prosperity]. Stephens himself went to finishing school acting as political officer in the rabidly pro arab and anti-Israel East Jerusalem Consulate, a man who served not american and western interests but those of its arab and radical muslim enemies).

Ronald Reagan was capable of bringing down an evil Soviet regime which caused war and mayhem throughout the world and he found the like minded people to facilitate this.
George Bush was not however made of such stern stuff and allowed the incorrect and malign National Intelligence Estimate to blow him off course, from rescuing the world from the threat of nuclear proliferation and very possibly war as states such as Saudi Arabia,Turkey and Egypt along with many others race to catch up and develop their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iranian hegemony.

We now know that only a credible threat of the use of force will be enough to stop, even at this late hour, the Iranian race for the bomb. Obama has however spent the last four years pressuring Israel to give up on any intentions to destroy the Iranian nuclear armaments industry (when not otherwise raining fire down on Israel over its building in the ancient jewish homelands of Judea and Samaria).And time is now indeed short, too short for sanctions to work. And what sanctions there are seem about to be shelved under a  new plan by Obama, in return for a symbolic slowing of the pace of Iran's nuclear processing.
Experts say it has become increasingly unrealistic to expect Iran to suspend all its enrichment, even if this demand is enshrined in a series of U.N. Security Council resolutions, and the aim should be to restrain the activity as much as possible.
Daryl Kimball of the Washington-based Arms Control Association said high-level U.S.-Iranian talks could help to reach a deal and reduce the risk of a nuclear-armed Iran.
Negotiators should seek to limit Iran's enrichment, cap its stockpiles and give U.N. inspectors more access to ensure it does not engage in weapons-related nuclear activity. In return, there would be a "phased rollback of sanctions," he said.
In the USA the rot might spread below the surface in the universities and the media but the lead comes from the top, from the president, the heads of administration, the military and intelligence.

None more so than Robert Gates who did a magnificent job in the service of Iran. Iran has the CIA  more than any other world body to thank for the 2007 Intelligence Estimate that stopped the USA and Israel bombing the iranian nuclear industry flat (with the exception maybe of Muhammad Baradei who for many years prevented the IAEA bringing out any reports criticising Iranian nuclear ambitions. One asks oneself why did he do that? Was it simply being bribed or was it that this egyptian allowed his hatred of Israel to cloud his thought processes. For a majority of muslims in the middle-east the possibility of seeing Israel go up in a puff of smoke is just to delicious a prospect to resist).

So the USA has a seemingly all pervasive rot now, beginning at the top with Obama, Pannetta and Dempsey all wishing to guard the 'peace', and make the USA if not popular then acceptable to its enemies seemingly at any cost (no longer will there be bombing and mayhem and La Drang style 'broken arrow' operations to save 'expendable' americans, even an ambassador and his staff) . If even americans have little worth in the grand scheme of appeasement, then small nations such as Israel must sit up and take notice. The USA does not have your back!

If you are still not convinced then an article in todays Ynet in hebrew should help. It seems that the CIA has contacted a 'high official' in Sudan to assure that fanatically extremist islamist regime responsible for the ongoing genocide in Darfur and  bombings of villagers in South Kordofan that the USA was not responsible for the factory bombing. That put paid to a massive arms shipment intended for Gaza Sudan being a major route for arms to supply the islamist terrorists of Hamas with the weapons supplied and paid for by Iran.

Rather than congratulate Israel and bask in the reflected glory of a country that still has the guts to protect its own and western interests (even Bush refused to give Israel the go ahead in 2007 to destroy the North Korean supplied plutonium nuclear reactor in Syria. israel went ahead in any case) the USA distances itself and shows its enemies that Israel truly is alone in the world.

Rather than be happy that this Sudanese mass murderer has suffered a serious loss of face, Obama's USA cringes, demeans itself and loses the respect of allies and foes alike.

The CIA with the avowed intent of protecting americans inside Sudan informs the Sudanese authorities not only that the US didn't do it, but that the USA had no part in the operation, not even in supplying the intelligence.

There can be no greater example of the cravenness of the US and its foreign policy today.

It might be argued that saving american lives is a good thing no matter how its done. But this is not the way to do it. When americans are under threat their enemies will only be restrained when they know that the US will act as Regan did when Ghadaffi shot down american jets in the Gulf of Sidra. Ghadaffi then found that he was a target just escaping with his life when the USAF bombed his tent. That operation came after a long series of Libyan provocations and came with a warning that the US would be back if Libya did not desist. Libya did desist.

One of the lessons the US learned was one that it is now giving Israel cause to learn, that allies can let you down. France, Spain and Italy refused to allow US jets overflight rights on the way to Libya forcing a detour of thousands of miles on the pilots. Italy went one step further with Italian politician Bettino Craxi ringing Ghaddafi to forewarn him of the attack.

The question is whether Romney will be any different, whether he will stop the rot? Will he be able to rebuild US credibility in the world? It's hard to say but one thing is certain, that unless he replaces Obama and his radical crew things will only get seriously worse.

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