Thursday, 4 October 2012

Love America, meanwhile in Gaza..............

 The Elder of Ziyon's put up some posters showing Israel's love for the USA, a love for a democratic nation, which is like Israel a light to the world.

That light does not reach into many of the dark places in Egypt, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and many other countries in the arab world, and americans are beginning to wake up to that fact.

Congress's refusal of that treacherous president Obama's promised emergency present to Egypt's islamists of half a billion dollars just days after Morsi sent his thugs in to ransack the US embassy, itself just after the lynching of an american ambassador and his staff in Libya gives cause for hope.

It's time that the US stopped funding those who hate it in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Egypt, in Libya............

The USA funds Pakistan with $billions and sellers of US flags there are doing a roaring trade, such gratitude......
 The list is almost endless in the islamic world. Hopefully when that enemy of western values and civilization Obama is gone from the White House a new policy of supporting America's allies and devastating its foes will return.
Such love for the USA in Pakistan. In Kashmir they never forget the little Satan either
 However much love the US shows the Muslim Brotherhood and Pakistan, americans will continue to be killed by the same bigots who are still persecuting 13 year old Rimsha Masih in Pakistan on trumped up blasphemy charges. Today we read of more of these stupid blasphemy charges (stupid but lethal) happening to young coptic christian boys in Egypt.

Pakistan still won't drop the blasphemy charges on this poor christian girl even after proof of her being framed
 Only muslims are entitled to their honor, to not be insulted, to live their lives in peace. Israel and the USA must however have their citizens always be on tenterhooks lest they offend those who make it their business to be offended. Jews and Christians and now  Hindus and buddists must always on the lookout for religion fueled madmen, indoctrinated for years in madrassas and driven on by their mullahs and their ayatollas with promises of paradise and virginal women and searching for blasphemers to condemn and to mutilate and to kill in horrible ways:

A 'blasphemer' burned to death in Pakistan
 And whilst citizens in europe, the USA and Israel even now after decades of arab bad faith in always upping the ante, making new demands, try to find ways to accomodate palestinian arabs, those same arabs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank) spend their time indoctrinating their kids for jihad and working out ways to destroy the State of Israel (and establish the caliphate by taking over the West including the US).
Brought up to hate and 'love death'

This Gazan woman can't think of nicer places to take her grandchildren
I don't really subscribe to the 'why don't moderate muslims speak out' when living in muslim countries. Moderate muslims who speak out are like moderate christians who speak out. They end up dead. Why moderate muslims from the safety of western countries don't speak out and condemn the bigots, the fascist islamists amongst them is hard to understand.

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