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No mealy mouthed condemnation of 'occupation' or 'zionists'

It's so refreshing when those who hate you are honest enough to admit it. Unlike mealy mouthed Franciscan clerics and other assorted pro-palestinian arab 'peace' activists this muslim website is not abashed in naming those hated 'bloody jews'. 
No need here to talk euphemistically about 'zionists' and 'occupation' and rights for so-called 'palestinians'. This hatred for jews who won't accept conversion to christianity or islam is the basis of pro-palestinian arab activism. Were this not true, we would see flotillas to Syria to bring aid to the rebels, we would see headlines in Reuters and the BBC about the killing of women in arab countries such as Saudi Arabia. We would also find a little more interest in the western media about Russian forces' massacres in Ingushetia and Dagestan. The list is endless. When one house is built in Ir David (the city of David, the biblical term for ancient Jerusalem) the condemnations come from the White House, London and Europe. Whilst Darfurians, villagers in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan continue to die by the hundreds monthly at the hands of the Sudanese regime of Omar al Bashir, silence reigns.
We must remember that those who constantly single out the middle-east's only democracy (it still is after the rotten Arab 'Spring' that brought christian and women torturing islamists to power) have as their interest, the same old interest, to further blood libels against jews and the jewish state, to besmirch Israel, to bring it down.

Bloody Jews bombed factory in Sudan, killing two peaceful Muslims
 Publication time: 25 October 2012, 10:28

 Sudan has accused Jews from so-called "israel" of bombing a military arms factory, threatening retaliation after a resulting fire killed two Muslims and injured a third.

 "We think "israel" did the bombing", culture and information minister Ahmed Bilal Osman told a news conference.

 "We reserve the right to react at a place and time we choose".

 The minister said four radar-evading aircraft were involved in the attack, which occurred at about midnight (2100 GMT) on Tuesday at the Yarmouk military manufacturing facility in south Khartoum. It took troops several hours to contain the blaze.

 Evidence pointing to illegal Zionist enclave in Palestine was found among remnants of undetonated missiles, Mr Osman said.

 "The people have seen it with their eyes - four planes coming from the east, and we have no enemy other than "Israel"," he said.

 "The type of rockets which we have now - and some of them did not explode - we have the codes, we have seen the planes directly, this is recorded, and all this evidence we are going to take to the UN security council".

 As Sudan's cabinet met in an emergency session, about 300 protesters gathered nearby, denouncing "israel".

 "The army of Mohamed is returning," they reportedly chanted. [Ooops-this is a reference to the massacre of jews committed by the 'prophet' Muhammad wiping out Medina's whole jewish population. At rallies muslims often chant Khaybar al yahud...... reminding themselves in code of this massacre, i.e. that they will repeat it, will commit another Holocaust this time against the people of Israel]

 The information minister said that bloody illegal "israel" believed Sudan to be a threat, and was helping to arm opposition rebels.

 "They think that this factory supplies our army, and by attacking it, they are going to make it easier for the rebels to take over," Osman said. "Plus, they have accused us, saying that these arms would find their way to Hamas. These are allegations which are not correct."

 He also promised retribution, though ruled out any direct attack on so called "israel".

 There have been numerous reports from eyewitnesses, saying what initially many people thought was a plane passed over, and then there was a big, white explosion. These reports have come from many different sources.

 Fires flaring across a wide area, with heavy smoke and intermittent flashes of white light bursting above the state-owned factory, were seen from several kilometers away.

 Witnesses heard a sound like a plane in the sky, but didn't see any light from a plane. There were two explosions, and fire erupted in the compound.

 A woman living south of the compound also reported two initial blasts.

 The attack by murderous Jews destroyed part of the compound infrastructure, killed two people inside and injured another who is in serious condition.

 In 2009, a convoy carrying weapons in northeastern Sudan was targeted by bloody Jews from the air, killing dozens of Muslims. The Jews suspected it to be a weapons shipment heading for Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip.   

Source: Agencies

Kavkaz Center

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