Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Dormition Dauber must be caught, the sooner the better

Whereas i'm deeply skeptical that jews set fire to a door of the Latrun monastery for reasons i've already explained, the latest attack on the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion could possibly have been done by a jew. With all the publicity over the Dormition Abbey some jewish idiot might have got it into his head to carry out a copycat attack, despite the previous attack almost certainly having been carried out by an arab or one of the monks of the Latrun monastery.

Unlike Latrun, Mount Zion has a large orthodox jewish population nearby (as well as large numbers of arabs and christians).

As is normal after such attacks the Israeli establishment condemns these religious attacks outright for what they are, disgraceful and unacceptable attempts to stir up hatred between people of different faiths. Whether jew, christian or muslim all faiths share the land and as long as they live peacefully should not be subject to such outrages.

The Israeli police, not known for their attracting the brightest minds of the Jewish People must however work to get to the bottom of these attacks. They might very well get hold of the Dormition attacker owing to CCTV cameras in the area. If this perpetrator is found to be jewish, the link will undoubtedly be made with the Latrun arson and an attempt will be made to pin all unsolved attacks on the Dormition attacker.

This typical police method driving up their success rate by loading all unsolved crimes onto one culprit should not be allowed to happen. In the UK police used to regularly bribe prisoners to admit to large numbers of unsolved crimes.  The Dormition attacker is most likely some sad individual, possibly a failing yeshivah talmudical student who is not bright enough to make it in the academic sphere yet wishing to make his mark on the world. He should know that he is no hero but a cowardly troublemaker helping those who would sour relations between jews and christians.

Jews should in any case keep in mind that as well as christian denominations such as the Quakers, the Franciscan catholics of the Latin Patriarchate and the Anglican Church which happily allow themselves to be used in the cause of Israel's enemies, Israel has many christian friends, who understand Israel's problems and the enemies it faces, and who also help Israel in varied ways.

There are enough of enemies of the Jewish People working hard to undermine friendly links between jews and christians without jews seeking to revive old hatreds. Sadly we will always have renegades within our ranks, on the right as well as the useful idiots of the left.

The main thing is now to catch the Dormition dauber and put him behind bars, whatever his religion.
Police opened an investigation Tuesday into a suspected "price tag" attack on Dormition Abbey church on Jerusalem's Mount Zion.
According to police, graffiti was spray-painted on the door of the Franciscan Convent located adjacent to Dormition Abbey church, including the words "price tag" and "Jesus is a bastard."
The graffiti was immediately erased.
Assistant commander Moshe Bareket, chief of the David precinct in Jerusalem, confirmed that police were notified of the incident early Tuesday morning by a priest. "We will do everything we can to get to the address that spray-painted these sentences," Bareket affirmed, adding that police were using "technological means" to locate the perpetrators.
There are hundreds of cameras located in and around Jerusalem's Old City.
Taibe, who sells tourist souvenirs next to the convent, said he saw the graffiti when he arrived in the morning and that the priests were very upset. He added that it was not the first time that extremists had vandalized the church, but rather that every few months authorities have to deal with some kind of graffiti in the area.
National police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said that the special investigation unit created to deal with two other anti-Christian attacks earlier this year has been  tasked with looking into the latest one as well.
No suspects were arrested in connection with the previous attacks.

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