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The Dormition Daubing is the latest calumny against Israel

Did a jew really write this??
I've belatedly looked at the write-up by the Fransciscan Order regarding the disgraceful anti-christian graffiti scribbled on the Dormition Abbey door. Apart from the interesting pictures they've posted, the language used to describe this incident is worth looking at.

I wrote my previous article which was less skeptical than the one about Latrun. In it I condemned the perpetrator as potentially being jewish without having seen the photo kindly put up by the Fransciscans. The picture seems to prove that those 'evil' settlers again struck home. But did they really do it?

If you look carefully at the photograph (apart from the unexplained and possible signature at the top which appears to resemble arabic rather than hebrew), the author does not seem comfortable writing in the hebrew language. In a number of places he goes over the writing, as if trying it out before committing himself, and then makes two mistakes, one corrected:

If a young Israeli was writing such an inscription he would write almost unconsciously, as can be seen from previous 'price tag' daubings. He would have no problem writing the inscription 'Yeshoo Zonah' (Jesus is the son of a prostitute' ), just as if I would write "Franciscans hate Jews" I would have no problem in writing the jews bit, as it is a word in my everyday vocabulary. 'Franciscans' I have more problems with and have to think about it when I write it. Were I to write 'Zonah', 'prostitute' it is almost as easy for me to write as in English my native language so that it can be written automatically, as if i'm selecting from a template.

In hebrew,, 'Zonah' contains four letters, z,o,n,h with the 'a' consisting of an implied but unwritten vowel. The person who wrote the inscription makes a mistake on the 3rd and 4th letter. The 'n' he initially writes as a script 'z', before going over it heavily to make the 'n'. Now I find it hard to understand how the writer even managed to exchange the 'n' for a 'z'. They are totally unrelated, unless you are looking at a piece of paper whilst writing and get mixed up, or are just plain uncomfortable in writing hebrew script.

You might say, 'fine', the writer has a writing problem, is dyslexic to which i'll respond if he was to make a mistake, it should have been on the first letter of 'zonah' then, exchanging the 'z' for a 'g' which is the mirror image of the 'z' in script.

Exchanging the 'n' for a 'z' exposes the thought processes of a hebrew learner, with problems.
a) In hebrew block script the letter 'n' is very similar to the letter 'g'.
b) In script the letter 'g'  is the mirror image of 'z'

In the dauber's mind he wished for a script 'n' yet as an unpractised writer of hebrew, block script interposed itself with the very similar but wrong 'g' for the 'n'. The unwanted appearance of the 'g' in mind led to that already linked other stumbling block of the script 'g' which was then selected again wrongly as a 'z'. The writer hit on the two major stumbling blocks of hebrew writing in an instant. As a lazy student who doesn't like hebrew or the Jewish People in any case, the writer never took the time and effort to overcome the problem and work out the proper method of writing. He thereby established what in behavioural psychology is known as a conditioned or learned habit and thereby linked up the two problems and making a route from the 'z' to the 'n', interchanging them. By this orthographic mistake alone the writer exposed himself as a fraud.

And then we have the 'h' at the end of the word which is written in block rather than cursive script, again displaying an extremely poor usage of hebrew. An Israeli uses block script sparingly as it is reserved mainly for texts. He would never mix up the two styles of writing within one word.

We are supposed to believe that a young Israeli, nay a settler who most likely knows little of any other language than hebrew would write this? No chance. Even the first possibility I allowed for in my previous article on the subject no longer applies. It is not reasonable to suspect that a failing yeshivah student was wrote this. Only an israeli child could have made such a mistake, and he would have been tucked up safely in bed when this daubing sometime in the night or early morning occurred.

The writer of the Dormition grafiti was therefore most likely an arab from the nearby arab village of Silwan. In Israel arab students learn hebrew, sometimes to a very high level and many thousands of arabs attend university in Israel as the benefit of a free, open and democratic society. I doubt however if the writer of this scribbling is one of them. Hebrew is a second or third language for him, one with which he is not at all comfortable writing in.

Jews should stop beating their breasts each time our enemies pin the blame for an incident on Israel. From at least the al Dura hoax until now there have been too many cases of carefully stage managed crimes made to look as if done by jews for each complaint not to be looked at very carefully.

The latest people to use this event for their own ends are a pro palestinian advocacy group funded by the anti-Israel New Israel Fund and masquerading as coming from within israeli society, yet who represent their american extreme left funders such as Soros a self-hating jew who uses his money to help in the cause of bringing down the State of Israel.
"Tag Meir -- a coalition of Israeli organizations convened by NIF..........We -- the members of the Coalition Tag Meir (Bright Tag) comprising non-profit organizations from all sections of Israeli society working to counter Jewish terrorism and violence against Palestinians"
It's interesting that in the Jerusalem Post article there was no mention that this 'Tag Meir' 'anti-extremism' group is itself part of the anti-Israel extremist NIF lobby group. They are NIF agitators wearing a different kippa.

Groups receiving NIF funds have supported the boycott of Israel, work to frustrate the IDF in its security operations (e.g. Machsom Watch), and one NGO Adala defends palestinian terrorists. The NIF is not known to fund any mainstream Israeli organisations or those that the wider Israeli public might support. NIF backed groups took an active part in besmirching Israel for the discredited Goldstone Report but the NIF has not interested itself in supporting the human rights of Israelis suffering from the thousands of Hamas rockets fired indiscriminately at the south of Israel.

As with racist islamist groups it's always helpful if when you are engaged in an anti-Israel or anti american endeavour to wrap yourself up in the protection afforded by the label of 'human rights' whilst going about your activity.

When the NIF and its funded groups show just a tiny amount of concern for jewish terror victims  that they show for defaced walls and palestinian 'victims' of  Israel seeking to protect itself from terror, then I will believe their bona fides. These NIF groups might even show some interest in helping jewish victims of daily attacks against jews. 

So the putative and strategically placed orthodox jew in the photo has probably not seen the inside of a synagogue in a while. The kippa being a NIF stage prop.

This 'Tag Meir' stunt is nothing other than a way to bring the new slander against Israel to a wider audience, with as ever the ever gullible JP playing host.

When not apologizing to Franciscan monks does that jewish man wear his kippa?
Interestingly this latest daubing calumny hasn't taken wing. The world seems to be looking now despite the best efforts of 'Pallywood' and Franciscan monks at the real news in Syria, at the real outrages against christians and humanity happening in Libya, Pakistan and Egypt.

Franciscans might take time out from slandering Israel to protest a little about this christian teenager accused of blasphemy in Pakistan

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